On This Date In History: May 19, 1974

On May 19, 1974, the Philadelphia Flyers won their first Stanley Cup.  In a six game series they topped the Bobby Orr led Boston Bruins.  The video clip below really says it all.



The 1973 - 74 season was a special one for the Flyers. Their first Cup was won with a lot of skill, perseverance and toughness (you've heard of the Broad Street Bullies, right?)  But there was another contributor to their success that you may not know about. 

In 1969 the Flyers started playing Kate Smith's rendition of God Bless America before some of their most important games.  On those nights the Flyers seemed to win more than they lost. So, on October 11 1973, at the home opener, the Flyers brought in their singing good luck charm.  The Flyers won. Kate was brought in a second time on May 19, 1974. 

You know what happened that night.


The Flyers continue  to keep this tradition alive.  Before big games these days they combine clips of Kate with a live performance by current Flyers pre-game performer, Lauren Hart.



We love the way the Flyers celebrate both their past and present.  And we're not just saying that because they're our hometown team.

Does your team do a good job of keeping their history alive?  Let us know about it.


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We See You

We saw you showing a little home town pride at the South Philadelphia half ball tournament.



We can spot Mitchell & Ness apparel from a mile away and we love doing so.  If you have pictures of you, your friends, family or even strangers wearing Mitchell & Ness, send them to us. If we like them, we'll post them.

Send them to info@mitchellandness.com 

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We See You

Hey you,

Yes you, in the 1979 Pirates Dave Parker jersey


We see you and we like your style.

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Wilson, Good

New York Knick Wilson Chandler looking good in Mitchell & Ness in the latest issue of Dime Magazine.  

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Another Reason Why Philly Rocks....

There's a man in a wheelchair that travels all around downtown Philadelphia singing and entertaining the 9 to 5'ers.   He takes off his prosthetic leg and accepts donations-- in his leg.  We are lucky enough to have our Mitchell & Ness office centrally located on one of the four corners that he frequents on a daily basis. We are also lucky enough to hear him loud and clear in our office as he sings on the street corner. We are quite fond of his rendition of "Love is Like a Baseball Game" by The Intruders. Itunes and Pandora have got nothing on this guy.  Someone needs to sign him to a record deal.   I came across this video on You Tube. Although the video is a few years old and he's not singing "Love is Like a Baseball Game," it still captures the spirit.....

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