On This Date In History: A Koufax No Hitter


On June 30, 1962 at Dodger Stadium, Sandy Koufax pitched his first no hitter.  Playing against the newly formed New York Mets, the 26 year old lefty struck out thirteen and walked five en route to the 5 - 0 victory for the Dodgers.  In an amazing first inning, Koufax threw only nine pitches, all for strikes.  The Mets really only had two major threats in the game and both came from Richie Ashburn.  In the sixth inning left fielder Tommy Davis lost Ashburn's line drive in the lights, but recovered just in time to make the catch.  Coming up again in the 9th, Ashburn hit a rocket down the left field line and the ball landed just foul.  Koufax retired the next two batters to end the game.  He would go on to pitch three more no hitters in his career, one of them being a perfect game on September 9, 1965.

Check out the link below to hear Vin Scully, legendary voice of the Dodgers, call the 9th inning.




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America's Best Ballparks

In sports, it is commonly said that a player has ‘heart’, whether it be on or off the field.  This term is not identified by any statistics of his/her career, but more by personality, character, aura…all things that define who that player is but yet, cannot be put on paper.    The same is true when grading a ballpark.  But instead of heart, stadiums have atmosphere.

Publishing-giant Forbes recently released its ranking for America’s Best Ballparks and graded each stadium according to a list of five criteria:  intangibles, fan participation, accessibility, affordability and food.   While Forbes’ grading system leveled the playing field to compare parks fairly, it is a bit too structured to really capture what makes a ballpark great.  Assigning a grade to ‘intangibles’ proves this point.  How can something be graded that cannot even be touched or explained?

Regarding their list…and, to no surprise, historical staples such as Fenway, Wrigley and Camden Yards landed in the top five while both Citi Field and the new Yankee Stadium joined Busch Stadium in the top 10.  Sorry fellow Phils fans… Citizens Bank Park creeped in at number 11.

Check out Forbes’ complete list and let us know what your favorite ballpark is and why.


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Coming Soon...


New NBA, NFL and NHL script caps will be arriving next month.  Check out Universal Article for more info and images.



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 How great is this song/video?  Arguably the biggest icons in both sports and music together for an amazing song and video.



RIP Michael Jackson

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Draft Facts 101

Did you know...

  • Territorial draft picks were in effect from 1947 - 65.  This meant that a team could forfeit it's first round pick and select a local player.  It was done to help teams establish a strong fan base.  The most successful example is Tom Heinsohn who was selected by the Boston Celtics in 1956.


  • 1985 was the first year of the draft lottery.  All teams that did not make the playoffs needed a lucky bounce of a ping pong ball for the rights to pick first.  The honors went to the Knicks in 1985, who selected Patrick Ewing.


  • Besides tonight, the Clippers have had the first pick twice in the last thirty years.  In 1988 they selected Danny Manning and in 1998 they selected Michael Olowokandi.


  • Notable undrafted players - Avery Johnson, John Starks, Darrell Armstrong, Bruce Bowen, Raja Bell

  • The only player out of the state of New Hampshire to be drafted is Matt Bonner.

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