Through the Years - Saints vs. Patriots

With the big Saints vs. Patriots game happening tonight, let's take a look back at how these two have matched up over the years.

The Patriots lead the overall series 8 - 3.  Here are the year by year results.

December 10, 1972 - Patriots 17 @ Saints 10

  • QBs: Patriots - Jim Plunkett / Saints - Archie Manning
  • Leading Rushers: Patriots - John Ashton (51 yards) / Saints - Bob Gresham (54 yards)
  • Coaches: Patriots - John Mazur / Saints - J.D. Roberts

December 5, 1976 - Saints 6 @ Patriots 27

  • QBs: Patriots - Steve Grogan / Saints - Bobby Douglass
  • Leading Rushers: Patriots - Don Calhoun (113 yards) / Saints - Tony Galbreath ( 41 yards)
  • Coaches: Patriots - Chuck Fairbanks / Saints - Hank Stram

December 21, 1980 - Patriots 38 @ Saints 27

  • QBs: Patriots - Matt Cavanaugh / Saints - Archie Manning
  • Leading Rushers: Patriots - Don Calhoun (113 yards) / Saints - Archie Manning (27 yards)
  • Coaches: Patriots - Ron Erhardt / Saints - Dick Stanfel

December 4, 1983 - Saints 0 @ Patriots 7

  • QBs: Patriots - Tony Eason / Saints - Ken Stabler
  • Leading Rushers: Patriots - Mosi Tatupu (128 yards) / Saints - Wayne Wilson (67 yards)
  • Coaches: Patriots - Ron Meyer / Saints - Bum Phillips

November 30, 1986 - Patriots 21 @ Saints 20

  • QBs: Patriots - Tony Eason / Saints - Dave Wilson
  • Leading Rushers: Patriots - Craig James (5 yards) / Rueben Mayes (157 yards)
  • Coaches: Patriots - Raymond Berry / Saints - Jim Mora

November 12, 1989 - Saints 28 @ Patriots 24

  • QBs: Patriots - Steve Grogan / Saints - Bobby Hebert
  • Leading Rushers: Patriots - Bob Perryman (40 yards) / Dalton Hilliard (106 yards)
  • Coaches: Patriots - Raymond Berry / Saints - Jim Mora

November 8, 1992 - Patriots 14 @ Saints 31

  • QBs: Patriots - Tom Hodson & Scott Zolak / Saints - Bobby Hebert
  • Leading Rushers: Patriots - Leonard Russell (31 yards) / Saints - Vaughn Dunbar (52 yards)
  • Coaches: Patriots - Dick MacPherson / Saints - Jom Mora

December 3, 1995 - Saints 31 @ Patriots 17

  • QBs: Patriots - Drew Bledsoe / Saints - Jim Everett
  • Leading Rushers: Patriots - Curtis Martin (112 yards) / Mario Bates (123 yards)
  • Coaches: Patriots - Bill Parcells / Saints - Jim Mora

October 4, 1998 - Patriots 30 @ Saints 27

  • QBs: Patriots - Drew Bledsoe / Saints - Danny Wuerffel
  • Leading Rushers: Patriots - Robert Edwards (97 yards) / Saints - Lamar Smith (22 yards)
  • Coaches: Patriots - Pete Carroll / Saints - Mike Ditka

November 25, 2001 - Saints 17 @ Patriots 34

  • QBs: Patriots - Tom Brady / Saints - Aaron Brooks
  • Leading Rushers: Patriots - Antowain Smith (111 yards) / Saints - Aaron Brooks (65 yards)
  • Coaches: Patriots - Bill Bellichick / Saints - Jim Haslett

November 20, 2005 - Saints 17 @ Patriots 24

  • QBs: Patriots - Tom Brady / Saints - Aaron Brooks
  • Leading Rushers: Patriots - Heath Evans (74 yards) / Saints - Antowain Smith (32 yards)
  • Coaches: Patriots - Bill Bellichick / Saints - Jim Haslett

So there you have it.  The history of the Saints vs. the Patriots.  And your pick for tonight is...?



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It's Thanksgiving, So It Must Be The Lions

The tradition of the Detroit Lions playing on Thanksgiving started back in 1934.  G.A. Richards purchased the team in June of '34 and moved them from Portsmouth, OH to Detroit.  In their first season in the Motor City they were doing well and had only lost one game prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.  However, attendance was poor so Richards scheduled a Thanksgiving Day game against the Chicago Bears, the defending World Champions.  Attendance jumped for the game at Detroit Stadium from 15,000 to 26,000.  It was a sellout and fans were turned away at the gate.  The Lions lost, but a tradition was born.

G.A. Richards

Since that time the Lions have played in 69 Thanksgiving Day games, with an overall record of  33 - 34 - 2.  The only time that the Lions have not played on turkey day was from 1939 - 1944 when the Thursday games were interrupted for World War II.  Here are a few more Thanksgiving football facts.

  • The Lions and Bears have played on Thanksgiving 15 times, with the Bears leading the series 8 - 7.
  • The Lions and Packers have played 18 times, with the Lions leading 11 - 6 - 1.
  • Most touchdowns on Thanksgiving - 6 by Ernie Nevers of the Chicago Cardinals in a game against the Bears in 1929.
  • Most rushing yards on Thanksgiving - 273 by O.J. Simpson in a Bills vs. Lions game in 1976.
  • Most passing yards on Thanksgiving - 455 by Troy Aikman in a Cowboys vs. Vikings game in 1998.
  • Most receptions on Thanksgiving - 12 by Brett Perriman in a Lions vs. Vikings game in 1995 & by Marvin Harrison in a Colts vs. Lions game in 2004
  • Most receiving yards gained on Thanksgiving - 303 by Jim Benton of the Cleveland Rams in a game against the Lions in 1945.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Mitchell & Ness.



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Happy Birthday Oscar

The most versatile player of all time?  Maybe.  The best "big" guard of all time?  Perhaps.  Basketball legend?  Without a doubt.

Oscar Robertson, aka "The Big O", was born on November 24, 1938 in Charlotte, TN.  His family moved to Indianapolis, IN when he was four years old.  Raised in a very poor and segregated housing project, Oscar learned to play basketball by tossing balls of rubberbands into a peach basket in his backyard.  He attended Crispus Attucks High School where he helped to bring the city of Indianapolis their first state basketball championship. 

In 1956 The University of Cincinnati offered Oscar a basketball scholarship and he became the first African Amercian to play Bearcats basketball.  It was just the first of many records that Robertson would go on to break at Cincinnati.  He averaged 33.8 points per game over his three year collegiate career, won the scoring title 3 times, was named College Player of the Year and led his team to 2 Final Fours.

In the 1960 NBA draft the Cincinnati Royals took advantage of what was called a territorial pick. With a territorial pick a team could forfeit their first round pick and select any player from within a 50 mile radius of their home arena. The Royals wisely made Oscar their first territorial pick.

The transition from the college game to the professional one was easy for Robertson.  He was named Rookie of the Year for the 1960 - 61 season.  From then on the awards and accomplishments came fast and furious.  Perhaps the most amazing of all was what Oscar did in only his second year in the league.  In the 1961 - 62 season he averaged 30.8 points per game, 12.5 rebounds and 11.4 assists.  That's right, he averaged a triple double in his second year in the league.  Also note that he was a guard who averaged 12.5 rebounds.  Amazing.

Prior to the 1969 - 70 season the Royals hired Bob Cousy to be their head coach.  After one season in Cincinnati Cousy shocked the NBA world by trading Oscar to the Milwaukee Bucks for Flynn Robinson and Charlie Paulk.  Fans were devastated.  Oscar had become as much a part of Cincinnati as the Reds and the Ohio River.  Robertson was as baffled and bothered as the fans - "I think he was wrong and I will never forget it."

The trade turned out to be a positive one because it led to his pairing with Lew Alcindor and the NBA Championship that was the one thing in his career that he had not yet accomplished.  Robertson, Alcindor and the Bucks won the title in 1971.  Oscar retired after four years with the Bucks at the conclusion of 1973 - 74 season.

"He obviously was unbelievable, way ahead of his time. There is no more complete player than Oscar."  Jerry Lucas

Happy 71st Oscar.

To learn more, check out Robertson's autobiography The Big O.

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On This Date In History: An Early Thanksgiving


On Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 1939, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Pittsburgh Pirates (they became the Steelers in 1940) 17 - 14.  The game was played at the Eagles home field,  then known as Municipal Stadium   The interesting thing about this game is not the score, the teams or the stadium.  It's that in 1939, Thanksgiving was on November 23rd.

As you know, Thanksgiving is on the last Thursday in November.  Abraham Lincoln made that declaration in 1863.  However, in 1939, in the midst of a depression, President Roosevelt thought that it was in the best interest of the country to move Thanksgiving up a week.  With the holiday scheduled to fall on Novemeber 30th, retailers expressed concern about losing a week of Christmas shopping.  In an effort to help out the struggling economy and retailers, Roosevelt agreed and moved the holiday up a week to the 23rd.

Everyone was not on board with this decision.  Twenty three states celebrated on the 23rd and 23 celebrated on the 30th.  Two states, Texas and Colorado, celebrated on both days.  The country was in an uproar.  Families that had relatives in states that celebrated on different days didn't know what to do.  Calendars were a mess. Schools didn't know how to schedule their days off.  Letters poured in to the White House.  Here's a copy of one of our favorites.


Roosevelt held his ground and for two more years Thanksgiving was celebrated on the second to last Thursday in November.  Congress put an end to that in December of 1941 when they officially declared that Thanksgiving will, from then on, be held on the last Thursday of November.

There you go.  We've just given you some Thanksgiving dinner table conversation.  Happy Thanksgiving.


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