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Yesterday, we showed some love for our Authentic Varsity Jackets... well, our retailers feel the same way!  If you are in the NYC area, stop by Memes at 3 Great Jones Street for some new deliveries from M&N!


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It's Wool Jacket Time

We love this time of year.  The holidays are approaching, the football season is heating up and the basketball and hockey seasons are off and running.  And, we all get to wear our beautiful Mitchell & Ness authentic wool jackets.  We're not ashamed to admit that these are some of our favorite pieces to recreate.  They're historic, beautifully made and always in style.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Believe it or not, at one time these were actually team issued dugout jackets.  Check out our website for more.

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Foam Fitted Caps

Like we've said a couple of times recently, everything old is new again.  Remember these?

That's right, we're bringing back the foam caps.  Check out Universal Article for more info.

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The Hammer Enters the Hall

Last night at the Flyers game one of our favorite Flyers was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Dave "The Hammer" Schultz took his rightful place among teammates Bernie Parent, Bob Clarke, Rick MacLeish and Bill Barber.  We love Dave for a number of reasons - his style of play, his role in two consecutive Stanley Cups, his mustache, the song "Penalty Box" and maybe, most of all, his love of the Flyers and their fans.

One of our favortie Schultz memories took place just a few years ago.  He was in the office and was loaning us one of his jerseys for us to re-create.  We looked at it and noticed the large amount of blood that was all over the front. From the looks on our faces he could tell that we were shocked that someone had inflicted so much damage to one of our heroes . He immediately responded with, "don't worry about it, none of it's mine."

Check out the link below for a highlight reel of Dave's career and to watch his speech from last night.

As Flyers fans he's definitely our favorite NHL enforcer.  Who's yours?


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The Sport of Photography

We research the details of authentic apparel in a number of ways.  We contact collectors, auction houses, the leagues, or any one else that we think can help us get our hands on a game worn version of what we're trying to re-create.  There are occasions when we just can't locate that authentic piece and we have to rely on photos.   We rely heavily on a photographers eye and attention to detail to help us do what we do.  So the names Walter Iooss and Neil Leifer are very familar to us, and we're sure that their work is familiar to you.  There's a pretty good chance that if there's an iconic sports photograph, one of these two may have shot it.


Check out this article and some images shot by these two legendary sports photographers. And if you're in LA, don't miss their exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography.

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