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We showed you some sneak peeks last week of the new Team Color/ Black 2 Tone Fitteds and they are here. Check out your favorite NBA teams and let us know what you think!

Vancouver Grizzlies  Portland Trailblazers

Pheonix Suns  Minnesota Timberwolves

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Coming Soon..

We featured two of these Team Color/Black 2 Tone Fitted Hats last week so we figured we would share a few more images before these hit the web next week! Hope you like them!


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2010 NFL Draft

The NFL draft is always full of surprises and last night’s 1st round was no exception. Between the Denver Broncos 1st Round selection of Tim Tebow and Andy Reid’s war room attire (seen below), the draft kept everyone on their toes from start to finish. 

The most interesting part of the NFL draft is that it will continue to keep everyone guessing tonight, tomorrow and through the 2010-2011 season. Will Sam Bradford start week 1 for the Rams? What late round sleeper will emerge as a top NFL talent? Who will be an impact player for their team right away?


We took a poll of the office and put together our list of “can’t miss” 1st round draft picks from last night. Who do you think will be the best NFL player that was taken in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft?


1)     Ndamukong Suh

2)     Gerald McCoy

3)     Eric Berry

4)     Derrick Morgan

5)     C.J. Spiller


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In Praise of Cavalier Fans

We love your passion.  We love your perseverance.  We love your initiative and your creativity. 

For your sake, we hope he stays.


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On This Date In History... First NBA Championship


On April 22, 1947, the Philadelphia Warriors defeated the Chicago Stags 83-80 in Game 5 to take the NBA's first championship series 4-1. The 1947 BAA Finals was the championship round of the Basketball Association of America's 1946-47 season. The Basketball Association of America (BAA) would eventually become the National Basketball Association (NBA.) The Philadelphia Warriors of the Eastern Division faced the Chicago Stags of the Western Division for the inaugural championship, with Philadelphia having the home court advantage.

Joe Fulks, Hall of Fame inductee, played for the Warriors in this series. Fulks scored 37 points in the first game. In Game 5, he racked up 34 points. His average for the series was 26.2 points per game, but it was forward Howie Dallmar who was the unlikely hero for Philadelphia. Dallmar, who just shot 28 percent from the field over the course of his career, hit his only field goal of the game with less than a minute remaining and the score tied at 80.

Chicago's Max Zaslofsky and Don Carlson scored 20 and 18 points respectively, but it wasn't enough for the Stags to win. Philadelphia center, Art Hillhouse, fouled out after scoring just 9 points, which would not have been notable except for the fact that Hillhouse also fouled out of Games 1 through 4. To this day, Hillhouse is the only player inleague history to foul out of every game in a Finals series.

For winning the title, each Philadelphia Warriors team member received a $2,000 bonus and a ring with a diamond chip in it. 


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