Mitchell & Ness in Dime

We love the guys over at Dime Magazine and they tend to love us too. 

Check out the M&N call outs in the current issue!


First up, one of our favorite retailers, West (147 West 22nd Street, NYC) was featured and we would like to introduce you to our current favorite West employee, Raymond H.  Raymond is proudly wearing our HWC 2-Tone Snapback and it looks great!








Next Mitchell & Ness cameo in Dime:  Kobe Bryant Jersey…what else would be more suitable right now?  The Lakers just took a 3-2 Western Conference Finals series lead last night over the Suns.   Make sure you get your hands on a Kobe jersey while they are still in stock!


 M&N Kobe Bryant Jersey

There are tons of other great articles in Dime… make sure you check out the full issue…


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Clemente, Of Course

We couldn't have a week devoted to the Pirates without a post about arguably the greatest Pirate of them all, Roberto Clemente.  We've had posts about Roberto before because, well, how can you talk about baseball and not talk about him?  Impossible.  Since our last Clemente post we've taken some time to read David Maraniss' excellent biography on Roberto called Clemente, and we encourage you to do the same.


We loved some of the Clemente comments that have been posted on our facebook page recently so we've posted a few here.  Please take a few minutes to read these comments, the facts below and to watch the video.  Every baseball fan should learn a little more about the man who was a hero in every sense of the word.

Miguel A. Rosario Jr.
Clemente was what every ball player should aspire to be; a first class human being who lived to inspire and help others. A family man who cared so much about the game. I wish I could have watched him play live with my own eyes..

I Concur; He Was The PARAGON at ANY Position. What A Tragic Loss. Played In More Games Than Any Pirate....

David Steigbigel
Puerto Rican or not you have to appreciate Clemente. Trailblazer for hispanic players, great player and an even greater person.

Nelson Ramirez
I have been collecting Clemente jerseys for some time now. His '71 jersey, his '54 Santurce Cangrejeros, his Montreal Royals jersey and quite a few more. My father loved this man as a player and as a person. I wear my jerseys with pride for my the rememberences of Clemente and my father.


Roberto Clemente was born on August 18, 1934 in Carolina, a city in northeast Puerto Rico.  If you are even the slightest fan of baseball you probably know that Clemente was not only one of the greatest players of all time, but also one of the greatest humanitarians to ever play the game.

On the baseball side of things, Roberto was known equally for his hitting and fielding skills.  He got his start with the Pirates in 1955 and remained with the team until his untimely death in 1972.  Here are just a few of his accomplishments:

  • Member of the 1960 and 1971 World Series Champion Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 1961 - 1st Latin American player to win the National League batting title
  • 1966 National League MVP
  • Played in 12 All Star games
  • Won 12 Gold Gloves for his play in right field
  • Led the National League in outfield assists five times
  • Collected his 3,000 hit on the final day of the 1972 regular season (his last season)

In addition to all of his on field accomplishments, Clemente achieved just as much off the field.  Throughout his career he continued to go back to Puerto Rico in the off season to play winter baseball.  He felt an obligation to the people there and it was important to him that young kids had someone to look up to.

"A country without idols is nothing.  I send out 20,000 autographed pictures a year to the kids.  I feel proud when a kid asks me for my autograph.  I believe we owe something to the people who watch us.  They work hard for their money."

On December 23, 1972 a horrendous earthquake shook Nicaragua.  Clemente quickly orgainized a Puerto Rican relief effort and named himself as Chairman.  He organized all the fund raising, including going door to door himself asking for contributions.  When Roberto got word that the first shipments to arrive in Nicaragua ended up in the hands of a corrupt few, he decided that he would bring the next round himself.  On December 31st the plane carrying Clemente and the relief supplies crashed into the Atlantic Ocean a few miles off of the San Juan shore.  No bodies were ever recovered.

In March of 1973 the Baseball Writers Association of America waived the five year waiting period and gave Clemente immediate induction into the Hall of Fame.  Also in 1973, Major League Baseball renamed the Commissioner's Award the Roberto Clemente Award.  This annual award is given to the player who truly understands the value of helping others.

Watch this great clip to see the legend in action and to hear some interesting anecdotes about his career.




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Miscellaneous Pirate Fact # 3

Who are the Pirates top five in games played (as a Pirate)?

1. Roberto Clemente - 2,433 games (1955 - 72)


2. Honus Wagner - 2,432 (1900 - 17)


3. Willie Stargell - 2,360 (1962 - 82)


4. Max Carey - 2,178 (1910 - 26)


5. Bill Mazeroski - 2,163 (1956 - 72)

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Willie "Pops" Stargell

Throughout his 21 years as a Pirate Willie Stargell was a leader on the field and in the clubhouse.  His on field accomplishments are well known so let's look at "Pops" off the field.

Willie really stepped to the forefront as the Pirates leader after the tragic and sudden death of Roberto Clemente.  Stargell admired Clemente and was deeply saddened by his passing.  The 1973 season was a difficult one for the club as it was impossible to replace Clemente's spirit and passion.  Willie tried to lead by example and came through on the field with one of the best year's of his career.  He also spent the season quietly but effectively taking over the leadership of the club and was officially named team captain that year.

The 1978 Pirates made an unlikely last season run for the eastern division crown, battling the Phillies right up until the final days fo the season.  While the Pirates came up short at the end, Willie saw something special in his teammates.  At the conclusion of the '78 season he predicted that the '79 club would win the World Series.  He knew exactly what he was doing - applying pressure while also instilling confidence.

As you know, the 1979 Pirates did win the World Series.  Their on field play was stellar.  But there were a couple of things happening off the field that undoubtedly contributed to the Pirates on field success.

Stargell instituted a program where he rewarded players for effort, exceptional play, or anything else he deemed "star worthy" with a Stargell Star.  Initially Willie purchased store bought star patches and the players had them sewn into their pill box style caps.  Eventually the stars became customized and included an "S" in the middle.  This motivation tool was as ingenious as it was genuine.  Players were honored to be recognized by Pops and he loved to honor them with one of his stars.  Even after his retirement Willie continued to distribute stars to people he encountered who he felt had done something of merit.  In fact, at his 1988 All Star induction, he gave stars to Hall of Fame employees.

Willie was also the one behind the 1979 Pirates rallying anthem, "We Are Family."  Willie was always talking about how important it was for teammates to be like family.  "We Are Family" was a popular song at the time and Willie began playing it in the clubhouse.  It caught on and began being played throughout the stadium and the entire city of Pittsburgh.  It became their song and the 1979 Pirates will forever be known as "The Family."

Willie retired from the Pirates after the 1982 season.  He passed away on April 9, 2001, on the same day that the Pirates unvelied a statue of him at PNC Park.


Here are a couple of quotes about Willie "Pops" Stargell that further explain why he was one of the greatest men in the game of baseball.

"Having Willie Stargell on your team is like having a diamond ring on your finger."  " His attitude in the clubhouse inspires everyone.  What a great honor it is for me to manage a player like Willie Stargell."  Chuck Tanner

"If Willie asked us to jump off the Fort Pitt Bridge, we would ask him what kind of dive he wanted. That's how much respect we have for the man."  Al Oliver

"There's only one word to describe Willie Stargell, and that's class. He's been an inspiration to millions of youngsters all over America."  Tommy Lasorda

"That rare combination of athlete and gentleman. He is one of the very few to be a star both on and off the field." former teammate Ken Brett

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Broad Street Bullies

Flyers nation enjoys reflecting on the days of old. The days of the Broad Street Bullies, the Legion of Doom, Keith Premieu’s 5th Overtime game winning goal against the Pittsburgh Penguins and of course the back to back Stanley Cup Championships in 1974 and 1975. In that light, today marks the 35th anniversary of the 1974-1975 Philadelphia Flyers winning their second consecutive Stanley Cup Championship.


The 1975 Stanley Cup Finals pinned the Philadelphia Flyers against the Buffalo Sabres. The Flyers advanced by narrowly beating out the New York Islanders in a seven game series that started with Philly winning the first 3 games. This Stanley Cup matchup marked the first time that two expansion teams would play one another for The Cup. Lead by the high scoring LCB line (made up of Reggie Leach, Captain Bobby Clarke and Bill Barber) and goaltender Bernie Parent, the Flyers won their second consecutive Stanley Cup in a tough six game series. One of Philadelphia’s two loses in the series came in Game 3 in the infamous “Fog Game” when Buffalo’s ice surface was completely covered in a thick fog due to a mixture of incredible heat and a lack of air conditioning in Buffalo’s arena.


The 2009-2010 Philadelphia Flyers are currently on a historical run of their own. Combining the same gritty style of play of the 1974-1975 Broad Street Bullies with their own relentless pursuit of history, the current Flyers are only 4 wins away from hoisting The Cup. Check out the Flyers section at and help support their pursuit of history!






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