15,000 Fans, Time for A Celebration

We've reached another milestone with 15,000 Facebook Fans.  As always, we like to say thanks so we're offering 30% off all jerseys, excluding the mesh BP jerseys, now through Wednesday at 10:00 AM.  Enter code FB15K at checkout.  Thanks to all of you for your support and feedback.  We really appreciate it.


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Your All Time SS Is...?

Okay, it's time to select your All Time Shortstop.  We noticed that there have been a couple of comments on past posts saying that we left people off of our list.  Remember, this is not our list, it's just a couple of suggestions that we thought we'd make.  It's your call, the only rule is that they must have retired prior to 2000.


Honus Wagner

Ernie Banks

Robin Yount


Alan Trammell

Luke Appling

Phil Rizzuto

Luis Aparicio

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This Day in History: From Boston to New England


The Boston Patriots were established in 1960 in Boston, Massachusetts. They were named the Patriots because of the area's heritage as the birthplace of the American Revolution. When the NFL and AFL merged in 1970, the Patriots were placed in the AFC East division, where they still play today. In 1971, after playing in four different stadiums during their first 11 seasons, the Patriots finally found a permanent home in Foxboro, which would serve as their home for 30 years. As a result of the move, the team announced they would change their name from the Boston Patriots to the Bay State Patriots. The name was rejected by the NFL and on March 25, 1971, the team officially announced they would become the New England Patriots. 




On August 15, 1971, the New England Patriots played their first game at Schaefer Stadium in Foxboro. They defeated the New York Giants 20-14 before a crowd of 60,423 fans. The Patriots ended their season that year with a record of six wins, eight losses, and finished third in the AFC East division.


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Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig On Film

In the early to mid 1900's baseball players often spent the off season on "barnstorming tours" across the United States.  They'd play local teams to large crowds as a way to supplement their off season incomes.  One of the most well known tours occured in 1927 when Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig embarked on a barnstorming tour together.  The Yankees were coming off their 1927 World Series victory over the Pirates and the country was in love with these stars of the game.  Babe led one squad, called the Bustin' Babes.  Gehrig's team was called the Larrupin' Lou's (are you familar with the word larrupin'?  We weren't so we looked it up and it means to give a beating to.)  The teams played 21 games from Providence, RI to Los Angleles, usually to huge crowds of adoring fans.

There are a decent number of pictures of these tours, and now a brief video clip has been discovered.  It's not of one of the games, but of Gehrig and Ruth making some sort of public appearance together.  Historians are speculating that this footage comes from a game in Sioux City, IA, on or around October 18, 1927.

You can see the video and learn more here.  We think it's pretty cool, hope you do too.

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And The Winner Is...

SLAM Magazine has selected Enigmatic as the winner of the Michael Jordan All Star jersey.  Good choice guys.  Here's the winning post:

I’ve shared this story on here before but I’ll share it again –
One of the worst days of my life was February 4th, 1996. The Bulls lost to the Nuggets that night. It was only their fourth loss of the season.
Later that night my house burned down.
Next day, I’m at school wearing some neighbor’s borrowed clothes, looking depressed as hell when my teacher pulled me aside and asked me what was wrong.
I said, “The Bulls lost last night……oh, and my house burned down.”
Life sucked having to start all over, basically, with no real possessions but my Bulls Starter jacket I managed to save, but I personally got through it by watching the Bulls and how they kept winning and persevering through their own personal challenges.
My birthday was on April 17th, I turned 12 that year. My parents expressed great sorrow to me in that they couldn’t buy me a present that year cause of our tough times.
I told them not to worry; Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls had already given me a wonderful present the day before.
The Bulls had won their 70th game.
And as Tom Dore famously proclaimed “Seventy has become a reality for the Chicago Bulls!” I remember beaming with pride and, in my young mind, it almost seemed as if they went out and had this magical season just to make what would have otherwise been a very hard time, seem like a wonderful time in my life.
I stayed rooting for Michael and the Bulls, and still root for the Bulls to this day.
Michael Jordan had such a huge influence in my life that I eventually named my son after him

Congratulations Enigmatic.  We hope you like the jersey.


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