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Fashion trends come and go. Some of us may be in denial, but its true -- the fashions from the 1990s are back in style. Snapback hats, crazy color-blocked sportswear, windbreakers, jerseys and more.  Check out these iconic 90s looks that our designers use for old school inspiration. Dont pretend you never dressed like this.





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Mitchell & Ness x Flight Club - Brooklyn Bridge 2

Flight Club just released the latest collaboration with Mitchell & Ness. This time around, they updated the Brooklyn Bridge fitted.
Our friends at strictly fitteds have all the details and more photos. 

Check it out here.

This cap is now available exclusively at http://www.flightclubny.com.

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Take A Trip To Little Falls, NJ To See A Part of MLB History

One of the most iconic MLB jerseys of all time is now on display.  Check out the link below.


1956 Perfect Game Jersey Goes On Display

Sounds like it's worth a trip to Little Falls, NJ, don't you think?

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What happened in Vancouver after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup against the Bruins Wednesday night was disgusting. Flipping cars, looting and lighting fires in the streets…really? Almost 150 people had to go to the hospital because of those riots. Vancouver being a one sport town, I can understand a heightened level of fanhood and the fans being that much more disappointed when their team failed to show up Wednesday night. However, that is no excuse for reacting like the Canuck fans did. It's a game. Just last year, the Philadelphia Flyers lost a devastating game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals in overtime on its home ice. People were disappointed, but Flyers fans didn’t destroy the city. Canuck fans should be ashamed for their actions.


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Congratulations Bruins!

For the first time in 39 years Lord Stanley's Cup is returning to Boston.  The Bruins and Canucks fought long and hard in this series, but Patrice Bergeron, Tim Thomas and the rest of the Bruins were just too much for the Canucks. 

To celebrate the Bruins sixth Stanley Cup title, here are some of our favorite old videos and pictures of the Bruins through the years.

Bruins 1970 and 1972

(sorry, we weren't able to embed this one, just click on the link)



Dropkick Murphys in M&N


One of our favorite Bruins


No caption needed


The parade, 1972

Tiny Thompson

Cam Neely

Congratulations Boston, enjoy the party.

Mitchell & Ness Bruins Apparel



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