1998-99 NBA Lockout Commercials

The 1998-99 NBA lockout was the third lockout in the history of the National Basketball Association. The National Basketball Players Association opposed the owners' plans and wanted raises for players who earned the league's minimum salary. After both sides could not reach an agreement, the owners began the lockout. This lockout lasted from July 1, 1998 to January 20, 1999 and caused the season to be shortened by 50 games per team.  This NBA lockout resulted in some creative and humorous commercials. We came across a few that we wanted to share with you. Do you remember them?


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Today At 1201 Chestnut Street...

We get lots of special guests stopping by our store all the time.  It's always a thrill, but today, for some of us, it was just a little more thrilling.  Earlier today three members of the
Philadelphia Independenc
e stopped by for a visit. 

The ladies above are Tasha Kai, Lori Lindsey and Nicole Barnhart. They are soccer players, and they are very good. 

In case you don't know, the Philadelphia Independence is the local women's soccer team currently playing in the WPS. Tasha was a member of the of 2008 Olympic Gold Medal Team and the 2007 World Cup Team.  She is currently in contention for the WPS MVP Award for this season.  Lori and Nicole were both members of the 2011 Women's World Cup Team that captivated us all this summer.

All three ladies couldn't have been nicer and took time to talk to everyone who approached them.  We're all planning to go to their playoff game this weekend and if you're in the area you should too.  Click here for more info or to buy tickets.  It's this Saturday at 4:00.  Don't miss it.

Tasha and this jersey were made for each other.

Thanks for stopping by ladies, come back soon.  And good luck this weekend.  We have a feeling you're going to be bringing another trophy home to Philadelphia very soon. 

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Exciting Plays

Anyone can argue that sports are always filled with action and exciting plays, however, some certainly stand out more than others to really grab our attention.  


So far this week, there have been two triple plays in as many days.  It might not be the most thrilling play to go down in live sports, but maybe one of the most difficult, as it must be executed flawlessly. Click the image below to check out the Brewers’ and Red Sox triple plays from earlier this week:

What do you think are the most exciting sports plays?  Here are a couple of our favorites:

 Inside the Park Homerun 

Kickoff Return for TD


Soccer Goal - Headball


What are your favorites?

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On This Day In History: Football Comes To Miami

On August 16, 1965, Miami was awarded an AFL franchise for the 1966 season.  It's the first expansion franchise to be awarded by the AFL and is given to Joseph Robbie and his partner, TV personality Danny Thomas.

Danny Thomas

To commemorate this important day in Dolphins history, let's learn a little more about the aqua and coral.

  • A contest was held to name the new Miami football franchise.  There were a total of 19,843 entrants, with 622 of those suggesting the name Dolphins.

  • The Dolphins first win came on October 16, 1966 when they beat the Broncos 24 - 7.
  • February 18, 1970 is, without a doubt, one of the most important dates in franchise history - that's the day that Don Shula became head coach and Vice President.

  • In Shula's first season the Dolphins won their first playoff game with a 21 - 14 win over the Raiders.
  • The Dolphins played in, and won, the longest game in NFL history.  On Christmas Day, 1971, Miami outlasted Kansas City in a game that lasted for 82 minutes and 40 seconds.  In the second overtime, or sixth quarter, Miami won the game on a 37 yard Garo Yepremian field goal.  Miami 27 - Kansas City 24.
  • Miami made their first Super Bowl appearance on January 16, 1972, losing to Dallas 24 - 3.
  • On December 16, 1972, the Dolphins became the NFL's first team to finish the season with 0 losses.  14 - 0.  A record that stands to this day.

  • The 1972 season brought the first Super Bowl to Miami.  They defeated the Redskins 14 - 7, with Safety Jake Scott getting the Super Bowl MVP Award.

  • Miami's second Super Bowl came the following season when the Dolphins beat Minnesota 24 - 7.  The Super Bowl MVP Award went to FB Larry Csonka.

  • Bob Griese, Miami's beloved and spectacular QB retired on June 25, 1981.

  • Two years later Miami drafted a man who would soon become their new beloved and spectacular QB.  On April 26, 1983, Miami selected Dan Marino with the 27th pick in the first round of the NFL Draft.

  • In his second season, Marino was awarded with the NFL MVP Award, Player of the Year Award and Offensive Player of the Year Award.
  • With a 34 - 27 loss to the Patriots on December 22, 1986, the Dolphins played their final game in the Orange Bowl.
  • In a pre-season game on August 16, 1987, the Dolphins got their first win in their new home, Joe Robbie Stadium.  They defeated the Bears 10 - 3.

  • On November 14, 1993, Don Shula got win # 325, surpassing coaching legend George Halas to become the winningest coach in NFL history.
  • "The Shula Bowl" took place on October 2, 1994 when Don Shula, father and head coach of the Dolphins, faced off against David Shula, son and head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals.  It marked the first time in the history of professional sports that a father and son met as opposing head coaches.  The elder Shula got the win, 23 - 7.

  • On January 11, 1996, coaching legend Don Shula moved from the field to the front office, becoming Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.  Jimmy Johnson replaced him on the Miami sidelines.

  • T.D., the Dolphins first official mascot, was unveiled on April 18, 1997.

  • There are currently nine Miami Dolphins in the Hall of Fame: Paul Warfield, Larry Csonka, Jim Langer, Bob Griese, Larry Little, Don Shula, Dwight Stephenson, Nick Buoniconti and Dan Marino.


So that's your Miami Dolphins lesson for August 16, 2011.  Feel like a Dolphins authority now?

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The Ryan Express Finale

18 years ago, Nolan Ryan recorded the final win of his 27 year career. Career win number 324 came against Jose Mesa and the Cleveland Indians on Sunday, August 15th, 1993. Ryan pitched 7 strong innings and struck out two batters before turning it over to his bullpen. While 7 innings and 2 Ks doesn’t sound like much, you have to keep in mind that Ryan was 46 years old at the time. But even at 46, Ryan still touched 98 mphs with his fastball.



A member of the exclusive 300 win club, Ryan currently sits tied for 14th on the career win list with Don Sutter with 324 wins. Ryan’s career strikeout total of 5,714 puts him comfortably in 1st place for total strikeouts in MLB history. To put it into context, the 2nd place pitcher, Randy Johnson, has a career total of 4,875, which is 839 less than Ryan. If Johnson matched his career average of 271 strikeouts per season (roughly 8 Ks per game), he would have to pitch in another 105 games (3.1 seasons) to overtake Ryan. Ryan also holds the record for most no-hitters in a career with 7. Upon retiring, Ryan’s number 34 jerseys were retired by the Rangers and Astros, and his number 30 jersey was retired by the Angels. He is the only player to have his number retired by three different teams (except for Jackie Robinson, whose number is retired by every team in the league).


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