Red and Lou

We love Red and Lou in their red Cardinals blazers. 

Red and Lou throw out the first pitch

Well done gentlemen!

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What Goes Around Comes Around

What goes around comes around. That statement is definitely true in fashion. Trends from back in the day always reappear years later in some form or another. A good example of this would be the 'hipster' style - black rimmed glasses, facial hair, tight jeans, long hair, bikes, etc. We recently came across some photos of past NBA players that, shall we say, embody this hipster trend. From both a sports and a fashion standpoint, these photos were an amazing find. They were so amazing, we had to share them with you. As you all know, the hipster style is very popular right now, so these guys may have been the initial trendsetters and not have even realized it. Check out the photos below. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Did you grow up admiring a certain athlete for their fashion style? If so, who was it? Who do you remember had great personal style back in the day?

Phil Jackson: overalls, bike, beard. 


Kurt Rambis: black rimmed glasses.


Michael Jordan: tight jeans and polo, boom box. This photo is just priceless.


Bill Walton: Fabulous.


Pat Riley: oh yes, facial hair.



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A Canucks Blast From the Past

We were pleasantly surprised the other day when one of our customers
showed up in our store wearing this.

It's a Mitchell & Ness Tiger Williams Canucks jersey that we haven't seen or made in quite some time. 
Thanks to Ben Cooper for your long time support and for representing that jersey well!

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This Just In...Team Captain Track Jackets!

Check out the newest Fall Track Jackets from Mitchell & Ness!




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Our Fall Fashion Event, In Pictures

Check out some pictures from last week's Mitchell & Ness Fall Fashion Event.

Houston Rocket and Philly native Kyle Lowry and Iyanha Cornish


DJ Extraordinaire Rich Medina and his wife Tracey

Philadelphia Flyer James van Riemsdyk

Philadelphia Flyer Scott Hartnell and Flyers Director of Team Services Bryan Hardenbergh

Philadelphia Flyers Max Talbot and Claude Giroux

Kevin Gatto, Nicole Cashman and Jimmy Contreras

Mike Jerrick, Tony Bruno and Marc Summers

Hacina Saadi and Shirleen Allicot

Mitchell & Ness President Sean McKinney and Philadelphia Union defender Danny Califf

DJ Questlove

The second floor

The foyer


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