Did You Know? Thanksgiving and the NFL


Thanksgiving will be here in a few days. And for all sports fans, Thanksgiving does not just mean turkey and stuffing. Thanksgiving day is synonymous with football. Below are some facts about NFL Thanksgiving Day games. 

- The photo above was taken in 1934 during the very first NFL Thanksgiving Day game to be broadcast nationally (on NBC radio.) The Detroit Lions battled the Chicago Bears at the University of Detroit Stadium. The Bears defeated the Lions 19-16.

- The Detroit Lions have the most wins on Thanksgiving (33), as well was the most losses (36.)

- The Dallas Cowboys have the 2nd most wins behind the Detroit Lions.

- The Chargers have not played on Thanksgiving in over 40 years and they have not appeared since the AFL-NFL merger.

- Other than the Dallas Cowboys, the Miami Dolpins are the only other team to win a Thanksgiving Day game and the Super Bowl in the same seaons. 

- Emmitt Smith has won the Turkey Leg / Galloping Gobbler 5 times. 



Check out ESPN's top 10 NFL Thanksgiving Day moments below!


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Hey Philly People, Don't Forget...

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We See You...Kevin Durant

We're really happy to see that you were wearing our Cincinnati Bengals snapback at Tuesday's Texas vs. Rhode Island game.  We really are.
However, we'd be just as happy to see you in your Oklahoma City Thunder uniform
Please come back soon.

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Congratulations Coach K!


On Tuesday night, November 15, 2011, Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski made history as he broke Bob Knight's record for the most wins in Division I history. This was Coach K's 903rd win and the magic happened at Madison Square Garden when the Blue Devils defeated Michigan State 74-69. 

This is the 37th season Krzyzewski has been head coach of Duke and his talent and passion have taken Duke to 11 Final Fours and won four national championships. When asked how he felt about being No.1, Coach K replied, "I look in the mirror and I don't see Brad Pitt - let's put it that way. I'm more of a realist. I know that I'm a very good coach and I get really good guys. And then it's up to us to fight like hell to try to win."  And boy did they fight. Congrats.



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Back To the Bird In Baltimore

The Baltimore Orioles unveiled their new 2012 uniforms yesterday.  Take a look:

There are a couple of new things to check out here.  Our favorite part is the return of the cartoon bird on the hat.  The Orioles are saying that this version is a combination of the birds from the 1970 and 1983 versions.  We love the nod to the past with just enough of a change to make it new.  Well done Orioles.

They've also added a alternate orange jersey to be worn on Saturday home games.  The last time the Orioles wore an orange jersey was in 1992, the inaugural season of Oriole Park at Camden Yards.  We've always loved the Orioles orange so again, well done.  Not pictured here is the alternate black jersey which they will continue to wear on Friday nights.

The script on the road uniforms has been changed slightly with a less severe angle and the removal of the tapering on the letters.

Finally, the Orioles will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Camden Yards with a 20th Anniversary patch on the right sleeve.

We think MLB and the Orioles have done a good job with these changes.  What do you think?

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