NBA XL Logo Fitteds

The all new NBA XL Logo Black Fitteds are now available at All teams are shown on 100% black wool with raised embroidery for the oversized team logos.  Team colors dress the undervisor, inside lining and MItchell & Ness trademarked script on the back. 

NBA XL Logo Fitteds




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New in Town

Today is March 23rd and MLB Opening Day is April 4th.  Are we the only ones ridiculously excited about this?  We sure hope not.  To kick off the 2012 Season, the defending World Series Champions will visit the Miami Marlins in their brand-spanking new and highly anticipated stadium, Marlins Park.  The Marlins new home has been recently referred to as the “jewel of Miami”, claiming to completely change the baseball experience and entertainment as a whole. 

Most new stadiums are cool during the inaugural season…all vibrant and shiny with that new-park smell.  Most of the allure can tend to fade, though, when the “once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it” attitude sets in.  After doing a little research, we think Marlins Park might just in fact be different.  Here are some quick facts abou the new park:




*37,000 seat-capacity.  This is down from over 68,000 in the shared, multi-sport Sun Life Stadium.  This will definitely create a more intimate and exciting experience.

*Retractable roof.  The 8,000 ton metal roof panels can be moved together or individually to allow for partial opening/shading of the field.  *Aquarium Backstop. Yes, there will be aquariums behind home plate.  Maybe a little tacky, but awesome and we like it.

*Its green.  98% of all construction material is being recycled and the stadium will save approximately 6 million gallons of water per year will be saved by the use of waterless urinals. 


After reading through some of these details, I am sold on the idea of hopping a flight to Miami for a game (or two).  What do you think?    

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The NBA Tailgate Vests Have Arrived!



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Part 3: Amazing Sports Posters

Last but not least, here is our final series of vintage sports posters from the 1980s and 1990s. Lester's Court, L.T. the Terminator, Majik Man, Dirty Dancing Ickey - to name a few. Seriously, how great are these? Enjoy. 









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Belated Congratulations # 17

The Golden State Warriors retired #17 in honor of Chris Mullin the other night.  We've always been big Mullin fans around here, so we were happy to find the video below, showing Chris' speech from Monday night. 


Also, we saw that they gave these away at Monday night's game.


Anyone have one to spare?


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