Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig On Film

In the early to mid 1900's baseball players often spent the off season on "barnstorming tours" across the United States.  They'd play local teams to large crowds as a way to supplement their off season incomes.  One of the most well known tours occured in 1927 when Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig embarked on a barnstorming tour together.  The Yankees were coming off their 1927 World Series victory over the Pirates and the country was in love with these stars of the game.  Babe led one squad, called the Bustin' Babes.  Gehrig's team was called the Larrupin' Lou's (are you familar with the word larrupin'?  We weren't so we looked it up and it means to give a beating to.)  The teams played 21 games from Providence, RI to Los Angleles, usually to huge crowds of adoring fans.

There are a decent number of pictures of these tours, and now a brief video clip has been discovered.  It's not of one of the games, but of Gehrig and Ruth making some sort of public appearance together.  Historians are speculating that this footage comes from a game in Sioux City, IA, on or around October 18, 1927.

You can see the video and learn more here.  We think it's pretty cool, hope you do too.

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