Jimmie Foxx - The Beast

Jimmie Foxx pictured with the 1936 National & American League All Star bat boys

On July 17, 1936, Jimmie Foxx blasted a ball over the upper deck in Comiskey Park. The ball cleared the roof in left field and landed on the street outside the ballpark! Because of his pure talent as a hitter, he earned the name "The Beast."

Throughout  a twenty year career Jimmie Foxx would play baseball with four Major League Baseball teams - Athletics, Red Sox, Cubs and Phillies. 1936 would mark the first year that Jimmie would play with the Boston Red Sox. Upon being traded to the Red Sox Foxx predicted that he would have "no less than 200 hits, which will include fifty home runs, 150 RBIs and 125 runs scored." He would hit his fifty homers in his MVP season of 1938 becoming the first Red Sox player to do so. Out of his 534 career total home runs he hit 222 of those during his time in Boston. With the Red Sox he would also be selected as an All Star for the third year in a row. Jimmie would go on to earn his third and final AL MVP honor and be selected to the All Star team five more times.

Boston Red Sox 1936 Road Jersey - Jimmie Foxx

Jimmie Foxx is one of only four ballplayers (Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro & Manny Ramirez are the other three) in Major League history to hit at least two-hundred career home runs with two different ballclubs.

Jimmie Foxx & Lou Gehrig


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