A Family Sport

Baseball fans listening to a game on the radio in 1956

The one sport that still seems to always bring families together is baseball. Families and friends center celebrations, birthdays, engagments, reunions, and many other significant and important moments around America's favorite past time. It appears to have remained a tradition between families and groups of friends from every walk of life. In times of war, struggle and even the great depression, people found a way to come together to cheer on their favorite teams and players. Although during the Depression the teams had to become a little more creative with promotions, giveaways and prizes to draw the crowds in.

Baseball fans listening to a game on the radio in 1956

In researching the Detroit Tigers we came across this piece of video footage posted to YouTube. This is footage of a family that went to Detroit for the Yankee/Tigers game at Briggs Stadium on August 4, 1956. We loved being able to see not only the players but the fans of that time as well! We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did!


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New Arrivals: 1956 Yankees

On October 8, 1956 in game five of the World Series, Don Larsen pitched a perfect game. We are offering his jersey, Yogi Berra's (his catcher in that game) and, for the first time in a long time, Phil Rizzuto's. The Yankees won the World Series in 1956 beating the Dodgers in seven games.

1956 Phil Rizzuto  1956 Yogi Berra  1956 Don Larson

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The One Year Wonder



After the 1955 baseball reason, for some reason, someone, somewhere, thought it would be a good idea to change the Cardinals uniform.  The only possible explanation that we’ve heard is that script logos with underlines were all the rage and the Cardinals wanted to get in on it.  So in 1956, the Cardinals took the field without the birds on a bat for the first time since 1922.

The new uniforms didn’t sit too well with the fans who couldn’t understand why the Cardinals would make such a drastic change to a uniform that was beloved.  The Cards finished the 1956 season below .500 with a record of 76 – 78 so the new unis didn’t seem to be a good luck charm.  There was really no reason to keep them so in 1957 and bird on a bat returned and to this day it graces the front of the Cardinals jerseys.


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