Sandlot Kids


Sandlot (n.) A vacant lot used especially by children for unorganized sports and games


Sandlots were the gathering place for any neighborhood kid who loved to play and watch baseball. It was a place where kids could come and play the game amongst and against friends and neighborhood rivals. It was a game organized and run by kids. There were no uniforms, umpires or parents involved. It was a game played in a park or vacant lot by young boys for decades. Kids would play baseball all day long. This was a time when going out to have a catch with parents or friends was normal. It was a game that created bonds between friends and family and where life long lessons could be learned.


Today we would like to celebrate the kids who played the friendly pick-up games or who battled it out for the glory on the sandlot. Although where we live there are not many sandlots still in existince we do still spot the daily pick-up games of wiffle ball and stick(long) ball in the schoolyards in our area. We came across some great pictures of sanlot kids of the past. These made us wonder whether you have any sandlot pictures from the past to share or if this great traditional still exists in your area?

If it does send us some pictures, past or present and let us know!

Below is one of our favorite moments from the movie that celebrates this almost extinct game. We hope you love it as much as we do!


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A Family Sport

Baseball fans listening to a game on the radio in 1956

The one sport that still seems to always bring families together is baseball. Families and friends center celebrations, birthdays, engagments, reunions, and many other significant and important moments around America's favorite past time. It appears to have remained a tradition between families and groups of friends from every walk of life. In times of war, struggle and even the great depression, people found a way to come together to cheer on their favorite teams and players. Although during the Depression the teams had to become a little more creative with promotions, giveaways and prizes to draw the crowds in.

Baseball fans listening to a game on the radio in 1956

In researching the Detroit Tigers we came across this piece of video footage posted to YouTube. This is footage of a family that went to Detroit for the Yankee/Tigers game at Briggs Stadium on August 4, 1956. We loved being able to see not only the players but the fans of that time as well! We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did!


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Are You Ready For Baseball? We Are...


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Preseason Predictions - Part II

Earlier in the week, we asked for your predictions on who will win the AL and NL West.  The results are in... Angels and Dodgers!  As for the East...well, we will get to that later. 

Today, we found a 1953 issue of Baseball's Best in our archive that features the magazine editors' picks for big-league leaders at each position.  Yes, this magazine is autographed by Bobby Shantz...addressed to an old friend of Mitchell & Ness.

The editors chose players  they felt were "most likely to dominate in their respective position in 1953".  Here is what they came up with...

Out of their 11-man roster, six were all stars, three played in the World Series and two took home the title.  Baseball's Best didn't do too bad and now we want to test our own predictions of dominating players for the 2010 season.  A poll from the Mitchell & Ness office resulted in this roster...

1B: Albert Pujols
2B: Chase Utley
3B: Alex Rodriguez
SS: Hanley Ramirez
LF: Carl Crawford
CF: Tori Hunter
RF: Jayson Werth
C: Joe Mauer
SPR: Tim Lincecum
SPL: CC Sabathia
CL: Mariano Rivera
M: Mike Scioscia

Let us know if you agree, disagree and anything in between.  And unlike Baseball's Best who published a disclaimer on their picks... we may just put our predictions to the test come the All-Star break...

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