We Never Thought We'd Say This But...

Poor Mets Fans! 

This World Series has got to be a nightmare for them.  Check out this article from the New York Times.


If there are any Mets fans out there, let us know your thoughts.  And, we're sorry. 


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On This Date in History: The Mazeroski Walk Off

On October 13, 1960, one of the greatest moments in baseball history took place.  The Pirates and Yankees were in facing off in game seven of the World Series.  The Yankees were favored to win the series but the resilient Pirates fought until the end.  In the ninth inning an unlikely hero became a legend.

We're working on that Mazeroski jersey now.  Look for it early next year.

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Something for the Dodgers fans

We're speechelss.  We'll leave it up to our faithful readers to comment on this gem.

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And Now Your AL Jersey Faves

It looks like the Dodgers are taking the lead as the National League jersey favorite.  We can't argue with it's classic, timeless look.

Here are the AL playoff teams for you to vote on.  This is going to be tough.  Remember, vote fashion over fan.

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30 Ballparks in 30 Days

Earlier this summer some local Philadelphia filmmakers and serious baseball fans embarked on a month long journey to visit 30 ballparks in 30 days.  You may have seen them at your stadium sometime between April 18th and May 17th, or en-route in their rented mini-van driving across the country.   The goal of their trip was to raise awareness and funds for the Boys and Girls Club of America, the official charity of Major League Baseball and document you, the fans, enjoying your love common love of baseball.


Mitchell & Ness would love to congratulate Tom, Travis, Joey & Pedro on completing their trip. We are glad we could be of help along the way!   To read more about their trip and see photos of all the great ballparks across the country visit:  www.30ballparks30days.com.

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