It's February 14th. Let's talk about love and chocolate. Lovetron and Chocolate Thunder to be exact. To quote Darryl Dawkins, the four essential elements on his imaginary planet Lovetron are "love, love, love and more love. That's it!"   Well, we all love his dunks, right?  Dawkins was known for his powerful dunks which led to the NBA adopting breakaway rims due to him shattering backboards on two occasions in 1979.

Check out Darryl Dawkins' top 20 dunks in the video below. Broken glass everywhere!!

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Show Some Love for Lovetron


Let's talk about Darryl Dawkins, aka "Chocolate Thunder," from the Planet Lovetron. Dawkins was most noted for his days with the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Nets and his famous backboard breaking dunks. Of course a man from Planet Lovetron would name his dunks. Let's see...there was the Rim Wrecker, Go-Rilla, In-Your-Face-Disgrace, and Spine-Chiller Supreme to name a few. 

You can't deny Dawkins shined with personality and talent. Check out some of his highlights in the video below. 


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