Al Kaline made his Major League debut on June 25, 1953, receiving $35,000 to sign with the Detroit Tigers at the age of 18. Below are a few facts that you may or may not have known that we found to be pretty interesting.


  • Al Kaline bypassed the minor league system joining the team right from Baltimore's Southern High School
  • During his rookie year he wore #25. After the 1953 season he asked teammate Pat Mullin for his #6 and wore the number for the rest of his career.
  • He played his whole career, 22 years, with the Detroit Tigers
  • In 1955 he became the youngest player to ever win the American League batting title. Ty Cobb was also twenty years old when he won a batting title but Kaline beat him out by a day being born just one day before Cobb.
  • In 1980 he was elected to the Hall of Fame, becoming the tenth player to be elected in their first year of eligibility.


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The First Hall of Fame Inductee: Ty Cobb


Ty Cobb was the first player to ever be selected to the Hall of Fame. Below is a list of fast facts about one of the greatest ball players of all time. Hope you find them as interesting as we did!


• Ty Cobb has the highest lifetime batting average (.367) of all time.

• Ty Cobb played on three World Series teams, all with the Detroit Tigers.

• Ty Cobb is second on the all-time hit list behind Pete Rose.

• Ty Cobb is one of only two people to hit a home run before his 20th birthday and after his 40th birthday.

• Ty Cobb stole home more than anyone else (54).

• Ty Cobb won more batting average titles than any other person (12).

• In 1936, he became the first player ever selected to the Hall of Fame.

• Ty Cobb became the first ball player to star in a movie, a drama by Grantland Rice, "Somewhere in Georgia."

• Cobb endorsed a chewing gum, a brand of suspenders and underwear.

• He associated with financiers and industrialists, golfed with President William Howard Taft, and visited President Woodrow Wilson in the White House.

• Cobb invested his money into real estate and securities, and owned an auto dealership. His best investment was in a Atlanta-based soft drink company, Coca-Cola.

• Ty Cobb's dentures sold for $7,475 at auction.

Detroit Tigers 1907 Jersey - Ty Cobb

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