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If you're a football fan, Eagles fan or fan of Mitchell & Ness, you've probably seen the 1992 Eagles jersey with the Jerome Brown patch. 

Did you know that prior to the Eagles wearing that patch, they wore a different patch on their white jerseys?  We decided to change things up a little this fall and we're excited to be bringing this one in.  We love the simpler, more understated patch.  What do you think?


More NFL jersey sneak peeks coming soon!


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The 1960 National Football League championship game was played on December 26, 1960 at Franklin Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Green Bay Packers 17-13 and became the only team to defeat Vince Lombardi and his Packers in the playoffs. 



On September 12, 2010, the Eagles will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1960 NFL championship team during their home opener against the Green Bay Packers.  As part of this celebration, the team will wear their old kelly green and white uniforms, just like the ones worn by Pete Retzlaff, Chuck Bednarik, and Tommy McDonald when the Eagles last won a championship.


Of course Mitchell & Ness teamed up with the Eagles to offer an exclusive Philadelphia Eagles kelly green throwback full zip hoody.


Click on the image below and get yours today!!


Philadelphia Eagles Full Zip Hoody



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Just In...

Check out our latest addition to the Mitchell & Ness NFL Headwear Collection!

Chicago Bears Throwback Meshback Flex Hat  Dallas Cowboys Throwback Meshback Flex Hat  New York Giants Throwback Meshback Flex Hat  Pittsburgh Steelers Throwback Meshback Flex Hat

Philadelphia Eagles Throwback Meshback Flex Hat  Washington Redskins Throwback Meshback Flex Hat

Check out more NFL Headwear New Releases at Mitchell & Ness!

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Water Cooler Conversation of the Day

Well you know what we're talking about around the office today.

Your thoughts?

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Buccaneers, Eagles and Bears, Oh My!

For most sports fans July is a baseball focused month with the All-Star game and the start of the second half of the season.  That is true for us too, but July is also the month that our new football jerseys start rolling into our warehouse.  The first three arrived a couple of days ago and we're happy to share them with you. 

1979 Doug Williams Buccaneers jersey - the year Doug led the Bucs to the NFC Championship Game

1980 Harold Carmichael Eagles jersey - a Pro Bowl and Super Bowl season for the Eagles 6' 8" receiver

1985 William Perry Bears jersey - "The Fridge's" rookie season and the year of the Super Bowl Shuffle

Look for these on our website and in stores soon.

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