The Legends Speak

We love it when the legends of the game speak out on the current state of affairs. No need to tell you what they're talking about.  You know.

First was Carlton Fisk.

"There's a reason they call it performance-enhancing drugs. That's what it does — performance enhancement. You can be good, but it's going to make you better. You can be average, but it is going to make you good. If you are below average, it is going to make you average.

Carlton Fisk on Mark McGwire


Now Ferguson Jenkins.

"It's tough to hit a home run off your back," Jenkins said. "In my era, Seaver, Gibson, Drysdale, Carlton, there were so many guys that would have probably knocked him on his butt. He wouldn't have hit home runs the way he did in that era."

Ferguson Jenkins on Mark McGwire

Keep talking guys.  Your opinions matter and your voices should be heard. 

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