Mitchell & Ness and Gibbs Connors

Mitchell & Ness recently had the great honor of working with Gibbs Connors, an amazing artisan who specializes in the traditional craft of signmaking. In 1986, Connors began painting signs and trucks in New York. His breathtaking portfolio includes numerous signage and window lettering projects for prestigious storefronts in Philadelphia.

Mitchell & Ness' apparel is known for its authenticity and craftsmanship. We wanted to bring about the same level of craftsmanship and detail to our new flagship store windows. Therefore, we consulted with Connors who brought his beautiful hand painting skills to life at 1201 Chestnut Street. Witnessing him paint was so refreshing and inspiring, we wanted to share some photos of his work-in-progress. 

For more information on Gibbs Connors, please check out his website at






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