LeBron In Liverpool

LeBron James is a partial owner of Liverpool Football Club, one of the winningest clubs in England.  Earlier today LeBron went on a tour of the legendary home of Liverpool FC, Anfield. 
We love his choice of headwear - a Mitchell & Ness Miami Heat snapback.


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Wee See You...


Lebron James was rocking a Mitchell & Ness Miami Heat hat! What could make this photo even better? He's hanging out with Bono!

Visit Mitchell & Ness to check out Miami Heat headwear.


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The NBA Finals

Now that this season's NBA Finals matchup has been finalized, who will win it all?


When you look at the matchup, it has a good guys versus bad guys feel to it. It is a story of redemption versus validation. It feels scripted. The Dallas Mavericks are the feel good story. It’s a story of redemption for Dirk Nowitzki, after the Mavericks blew a 2-0 series lead in the NBA finals five years ago. After years of hearing “he is soft” and “he can’t close out games,” Dirk has slayed almost all of his demons in these NBA playoffs. The only demon left to vanquish is winning an NBA Championship. And who do Dirk and Mavericks need to get through to win that title? The Miami Heat, the same team that came back from a 0-2 series deficit to win the NBA Championship five years ago. The legend of Dirk continues…


The Heat is playing the role of the villain this season. After “The Decision” and “The Welcoming Party,” the Heat became the team people love to hate. People hate that LeBron and Bosh left their teams/fans to make a powerhouse in Miami. People hate that they celebrated their Conference Semi-Finals win against the Celtics as if they had already won the title. Despite their critics, the Heat is on a mission to prove it was all worth it. It was worth it for LeBron and Bosh to leave behind everything they have ever known as an NBA player. It was worth it to take all the criticism from the media and the fans. It was worth it because they are four wins away from an NBA title.


So, who do you have winning the NBA Championship in ‘11?





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Which Way Will He Go?

According to ESPN, LeBron James stated he wants to decide on his new(maybe) team by July 5th. With that, instead of spending the holiday weekend enjoying the weather, friends and family, the massess will be glued to blackberrys, iphones and any other device anxiously awaiting the news. Will Cleveland hang onto the city's most valuable asset ? Or will Chicago, Miami, New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles (well, the Clippers) gain not only a player, but hundrends of millions of dollars in franchise-value?

How do you think LeBron is making this decision? Based on loyalty and his heart...or, is it more like this:


Regardless of where he lands,when the news hits, will you be ready to support the King?




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