Can Anyone Explain This?

Why, during Saturday's Fox Baseball Game of The Week, did we have to cut to the Padres - Dodgers game every time Manny Ramirez came to the plate?  Why is Fox giving so much attention to the return of someone who was suspended for violating the league's drug policy?  

It wasn't just Fox, it was the fans too.  It was shocking to see the welcome back signs and to see so many cheering his return.  Are we so desperate for heroes that we are ignoring the fact that he may be a cheater?  For the most part we booed, and continue to boo,  Barry Bonds and  Alex Rodriguez.  Is it different for Manny for some reason?

Again, wasn't he suspended for potentially cheating?   Are we mistaken?  Was he secretly working with disadvantaged kids or on a cure for cancer? 

Please let us know if you know someting that we don't know.


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