A Game A Player Could Only Dream Of...

Rookie Fred Lynn

The Red Sox were in Detroit, it was June 18th and the Sox had already won the first two games of the series. Outfielder, Juan Beníquez had two big games to help secure both wins with a triple in the opener to start a winning rally and a home run to win the second. For game three Fred Lynn had a game that most players can only dream of having. In the first inning he slammed a homer into the upper deck in right field for a four-run inning. In the second he hit one off the roof of the upper deck in left center for a three run inning. Just before clearing the top of the fence in left center, Lynn clubbed a long drive that came back for a triple. For the sixth inning he beat out an infield single, then smashing a three-run homer into the upper deck in right again to finish the game. Fred had knocked in ten runs, which would tie the Red Sox record for RBIs in a game helping Luis Tiant win his ninth game, 15-1.



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Today Is All About 1975

After making a run for the pennant in the previous year the outlook for the 1975 season would be filled with high hopes. After suffering a knee injury in June 1974 tearing several knee ligaments Carlton Fisk would return for a full season after being told that he would never play again. Two phenom, power hitting rookies would also be added to the '75 roster - Fred Lynn & Jim Rice. Although there was much reason to be hopeful for the coming season fans were still feeling the lingering devistation from the injury plauged and devastating slump that finished up the 1974 season leaving them in 3rd place.

 Red Sox 1975 - Carlton Fisk

As pre-season got under way news of the two rookie phenoms spread like wildfire with pictures and stories being delivered from Florida. This got Red Sox fans thinking. This optimism was short lived when Fisk was hit in the right arm and suffered a break. Rick Wise would also be returning from a injury suffered in '74 as well. He would help beef up the rotation which included Luis Tiant and Bill Lee. Also included in the line up would be Carl Yazstrzemski who would start at first base and Rico Petrocelli at third.

Red Sox 1975 - Carl Yastrzemski  Red Sox 1975 - rico Petrocelli

April brought the season opener with the Red Sox defeating the Miwaukee Brewers with Sox pitching ace Tiant on the mound. After the first week the Red Sox would tie for first place with Milwaukee. By the end of april the Sox would fall from first place and not regain their position until the end of May.

Red Sox 1975 Fred Lynn  Red Sox 1975 - Jim Rice  Red Sox 1975 Bill Lee 

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Life Long Teammates and Friends

On June 9th at Fenway Park The Red Sox unveiled a statue dedicated to the decades long friendship between four teammates and Hall of Famers. The bond between them would last long past their time spent together as Red Sox. They were brought together by a team, bonded through serving their country during a war and learned the secret of life through the death of a friend. Their names were Ted Williams, Dom DiMaggio, Johnny Pesky & Bobby Doerr. 

When Ted Williams fell very ill Pesky and Dom journied with Boston media icon Dick Flavin to spend time with their friend. Bobby could not make the two and a half day care ride with his friends because he was with his wife who had just taken a stroke. David Halberstam's classic "The Teammates: Portrait of a Friendship"chronicles the journey of Pesky and DiMaggio to visit Williams in his final days.

The dedication that is inscribed on plaque on the Teammates statue:

  • They came to Boston from the West Coast -- 2B Bobby Doerr from Los Angeles Calif. in 1937; LF Ted Williams from San Diego, Calif. in 1939; CF Dominic DiMaggio from San Francisco in 1940; and SS Johnny Pesky from Portland, Ore. in 1942.
  • They were Red Sox teammates for seven seasons, but best friends for a lifetime. In total, they played for the Red Sox for 52 seasons and have over 150 years of service with the Red Sox organization.
  • They served their country in World War II, a total of 11 years.
  • They led the Red Sox to a record of 653 wins vs. 424 losses for a .606 pct. during their time together.
  • They sparked the Red Sox to 104 wins and the American League championship in 1946.
  • They were American League All-Star selections 36 times.
  • They were masters of their positions on the field.
  • They are all in the Red Sox Hall of Fame, and Ted and Bobby are also in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.
  • They left an unmatched legacy in Red Sox history.
  • They are immortalized in David Halberstam's poignant 2003 book, The Teammates, A Portrait of Friendship.
  • To Red Sox fans the world over, they are simply known as Bobby, Ted, Dom, and Johnny.



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And The Winner Is...

Red Sox 1918 Babe Ruth

Kevin Pagano was the first person to respond on Facebook and/or our blog page. Congratulations Kevin! We will be sending you a Red Sox 1918 Babe Ruth Jersey! Thank you to everyone who responded to this post. Keep the comments coming! You never know how we'll choose our next winner!

Click here to see the rest of the comments for this blog post!

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Miscellaneous Fact # 1

Listed below are the top fiveRed Sox Career Home Run Hitters

# 1 Ted Williams

# 2 Carl Yastrzemski

# 3 Jim Rice

# 4 Dwight Evans

# 5 Manny Ramirez

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