Still Winning At 63!

The former Expo pitcher still has it! At 63 years of age Bill Lee threw 41 strikes for the minor league Brocton Rox defeating the Worcester Tornadoes! Click here to read more from the Montreal Gazette!

Bill Lee also played for the Boston Red Sox. Below is his 1975 Boston Red Sox jersey!



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#8 Retired


On August 6, 1989 the Boston Red Sox retired #8 in honor of legendary left fielder Carl Yazstremski.  Yaz spent his entire 23-year career with the Boston Red Sox.  When Carl joined the Red Sox, he had some big shoes to fill…those of Ted Williams.  He quickly proved to be a worthy successor at the plate, and even better defensively.  Saying he had a strong arm is an understatemnet and he was a master at playing off the Green Monster.

  • 18-time All Star (that’s 18 out of 23 seasons)
  • 7-time Golden Glove Winner
  • 1970 All Star Game MVP
  • 1967 AL MVP
  • 1967 Hutch Award Winner
  • He was the last Major League player to win the Triple Crown in 1967. 

Make sure you visit to see our entire Yaz collection!  Which jersey is your favorite?



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We See You...

#1 Draft Pick John Wall wearing a Mitchell & Ness Boston Red Sox tshirt!


#1 Draft pick John Wall    

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A Unique Unifrom


It was made very clear in 1908 that the Boston Americans were now officially the Boston Red Stockings, or Red Sox. the shortened version of the Sox was taken from the Chicago White Sox who shortened their name to disassociate themselves with the Chicago White Stockings, in part. For the most part, it was likely that they shortened the name to get the most space from newspaper accounts of the games.


Boston Red Sox 1908

A red stocking symbol was placed on the chest at center, slanted with the name "BOSTON" running down to the heel of the stocking. This was the first time, on an American League jersey, that a team nickname was pictured.


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With 1930 Came the Pilgrim Hat Patch

In 1930 The Red Sox made some adjustments to the basic block lettering that was once on their jerseys as well as a patch addition to their sleeve. Do you know what this large pilgrim hat patch was desgined to symbolize? Comment below with your answers!

Boston Red Sox 1930 Jersey

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