Mickey Mantle Retires

There are names in professional sports which are considered to be synonymous with greatness. In baseball, there are quite a few which come to mind. Amongst them, Mickey Mantle. On March 1, 1969, Mickey Mantle retired from baseball after an 18-year storied career filled with awards and achievements.


Here are just a few of the great moments throughout his career...enjoy!

Mickey Mantle walking off field during his rookie season in 1951. 
Mantle sported jersey #6 for just a short period of time before being sent down to the Kansas City Blues. 
He returned to the Yankees 40 games later, wearing #7.

In 1953, Mickey's 546' shot coined the term 'tape-measure home run'. 

Mantle showing off where he had dented the ball with the record-breaking shot.

On May 14, 1967, The Mick hits his 500th career home run off of Baltimore Oriole's pitcher, Stu Miller.


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Lakers Retire Magic's #32

Yesterday marked the date that the Los Angeles Lakers retired Earvin Magic Johnson's #32.

Los Angeles Lakers 1980 - Magic Johnson

Looking around the office we found an article that we thought you'd like to check out. It's from a 1979-80 Basketball Special publication. The headline reads "Will 'Magic' Act Transform Lakers Into Champs?" Read the spread below to find out the steps Jerry Buss took to bring Johnson on board in the hopes that he could play a part in restoring the Lakers to their previous stature.  


Pages 1 & 2 Pages 3 & 4 Pages 5 & 6

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