We See You LeSean...

Philadelphia Eagle LeSean McCoy just stopped by the Mitchell & Ness Flagship Store on 12th Street between Market & Chestnut Streets.


Jacket in LeSean's arms in above picture  Jacket resting on the counter in above picture

Pittsburgh Pirates 1960 Authentic Wool Jacket in above picture

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We See You...

Stalley (musician and columnist for Highsnobiety) stopped by the new Mitchell & Ness Flagship Store!

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We've Got Something To Tell You, And We Think You're Going To Like It

For over 100 years Mitchell & Ness has been a staple in Philadelphia's retail landscape.  We started as a sporting goods company and through the years we've supplied sports loving Philadelphians with everything from golf clubs to tennis balls to ski equipment to the vintage sports apparel that we provide today. 

We've had a couple of different locations in 106 years, but we've always been in Center City Philadelphia.  Below are images of a couple of our previous locations.


Arch Street

Walnut Street

Chestnut Street (our current location)


Through the years we've championed Philadelphia's sports history and have shared every pitch, catch, basket and goal with our fellow Philadelphia sports fans.  So we are thrilled to be able to share with you an exciting moment in our, and Philadelphia's, sports history. 

Below is an image of the location of our new flagship store.


Our new location at 1201 Chestnut Street will open to the public the weekend of November 19 - 21, 2010.  The new space will feature 2,000 square feet of retail space showcasing hundreds of vintage jerseys, tees, hoodies, jackets and accessories.  Along the back there will be a custom headwear wall featuring all of your favorite M&N headwear styles.  Historical sports imagery and memorabilia will be displayed throughout the store providing customers with a nostalgic trip through history.  Glass display cases featuring Mitchell & Ness track shoes, golf clubs and tennis rackets commemorate our heritage as a sporting goods store.

"Our new flagship store will better reflect the Mitchell & Ness brand and our dedication to quality, detail and heritage.  The new Mitchell & Ness is not only a retail store but a true destination for all sports fans visiting Philadelphia."       Sean McKinney, President, Mitchell & Ness

Excited?  We are.

Over the next week we will take you through the construction with pictures from start to finish.  Check out the images below to see how our new space looked during it's first few days of construction.




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Hometown Fan

We are huge Phillies fans in the Mitchell & Ness office.  Having said that, you can imagine how it makes us feel to know when Phillies are huge fans of us. 




Yesterday, Philadelphia Phillies catcher, Brian Schneider dropped by our Flagship Store to pick up his next M&N jersey to add to his collection…a San Francisco Giants 1962 Orlando Cepeda. While he shopped we had time to grill Schneider with some questions…check out what Brian had to say! Oh, and Go Phils. 


1)     If you were not a professional baseball player, what would your occupation be?


2)     What team did you root for as a kid?

         Philadelphia Phillies.  Schneider grew up outside of Philly in Allentown, PA.

3)     Who was/is your favorite player?

         John Kruk

 4)     Which jersey is your favorite of all time?

         Autogrpahed Willie Mays

5)     Out of your M&N collection, which is your favorite jersey?

         Autographed Tony Gwynn... he has such a pretty signature!

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