Walk Off Heroics

Last night the St. Louis Cardinals forced a game 7 in the 2011 World Series Championship against the Texas Rangers. This is the first time there has been a game 7 since 2002 when the Anaheim Angels beat the San Francisco Giants. The Cardinals were able to extend the series with a 2 RBI, game-tying triple in the bottom of the 9th and a walk off home run in the bottom of the 11th (both hits from third baseman David Freese). If game 7 is anything like game 6, this World Series could go down in history as one of the most exciting series ever. First pitch is 8:05 pm tonight on Fox. One thing that got lost in the shuffle of last night’s extra inning heroics was the play by play call made by Joe Buck. Mitchell & Ness loves the history of baseball and we couldn’t help but notice Buck’s choice of words for the walk off homer.


Back in 1991, Jack Buck, Joe Buck’s father, called the World Series matchup between the Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves. In the bottom of the 11th inning (noticing a trend?), Kirby Puckett smacked a walk-off homerun for the Twins to force a game 7.  Immediately after Puckett made contact, Jack Buck said “We’ll see you tomorrow night!” And as David Freese started his trot out of batter’s box, Joe Buck said, you guessed it, “We’ll see you tomorrow night!” Not to many people have the opportunity to pay homage to your father like that, and we thought it was pretty cool.

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Okay baseball fans, who do you like tonight?


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From the Archives

Quite a World Series we're having, don't you think?  With tonight's game five on our minds, we bring you two of our favorite Rangers and  Cardinals image from our archives. 

Former Rangers Manager Bobby Valentine


The 1943 St. Louis Cardinals

So who do you like in tonight's match-up?

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2011 MLB Postseason

After a roller coaster ride of September baseball, the 2011 MLB Playoff teams are now set.


National League:

(1)   Philadelphia Phillies vs (4) St. Louis Cardinals

(2)   Milwaukee Brewers vs (3) Arizona Diamondbacks


American League:

(1)   New York Yankees vs (3) Detroit Tigers

(2)   Texas Rangers vs (4) Tampa Bay Rays


Keeping in mind that the National League will have home field advantage due to winning the All-Star game, who do you think will win the 2011 World Series Championship?

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The Ryan Express Finale

18 years ago, Nolan Ryan recorded the final win of his 27 year career. Career win number 324 came against Jose Mesa and the Cleveland Indians on Sunday, August 15th, 1993. Ryan pitched 7 strong innings and struck out two batters before turning it over to his bullpen. While 7 innings and 2 Ks doesn’t sound like much, you have to keep in mind that Ryan was 46 years old at the time. But even at 46, Ryan still touched 98 mphs with his fastball.



A member of the exclusive 300 win club, Ryan currently sits tied for 14th on the career win list with Don Sutter with 324 wins. Ryan’s career strikeout total of 5,714 puts him comfortably in 1st place for total strikeouts in MLB history. To put it into context, the 2nd place pitcher, Randy Johnson, has a career total of 4,875, which is 839 less than Ryan. If Johnson matched his career average of 271 strikeouts per season (roughly 8 Ks per game), he would have to pitch in another 105 games (3.1 seasons) to overtake Ryan. Ryan also holds the record for most no-hitters in a career with 7. Upon retiring, Ryan’s number 34 jerseys were retired by the Rangers and Astros, and his number 30 jersey was retired by the Angels. He is the only player to have his number retired by three different teams (except for Jackie Robinson, whose number is retired by every team in the league).


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