Super Bowl Halftime Shows: Part 1

Two of the biggest reasons to watch the Super Bowl have absolutely nothing to do with the game. Reason # 1 - commercials, commercials, commercials! The commercials played during the Super Bowl are positively some of the most viewed and highly paid for out of any commercial run throughout the year. Reason # 2 - HALFTIME SHOW! The halftime show has become more and more entertaining over the years, though a few in between included mishaps, mess-ups, and wardrobe malfunctions that will be the topic of halftime show conversation for many years to come!

As we have already shared some of our favorite commercials with you, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite Halftime Shows throughout the years! Let us know what you think! Pick your favorites from our selection and share some of your own favorites!

Super Bowl VII (1973): Michigan Marching Band

Super Bowl XVI (1982): Up With People

Super Bowl XXV (1991): Winter Magic

Super Bowl XXXVI (2002): U2 - 9/11 Tribute

Super Bowl XXXVIII (2004): Janet Jackson & Justin timberlake

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