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As the original professional baseball team the Reds have an extensive and interesting uniform history.  We love a lot of the old jerseys that you’ll see below but we haven’t made many of these recently.  What do you think, should we bring some of these back?

1938 Road Jersey

We like this one for it’s fancy block letters on the front.  It’s a lettering style that we don’t usually associate with the Reds but we think it works.  The Cincinnati is red with blue trim and there is red piping around the sleeves and neck.   This uniform was worn by Johnny Vander Meer in 1938, his first full season with the Reds.  During that season Vander Meer accomplished one of those feats that will most likely never be repeated.  He pitched two no hitters in one season.  What makes it even more remarkable is that they were only five days apart.  In the first game he topped the Boston Braves at home at Crosley Field.  For no hitter #2, he beat the Dodgers in Brooklyn.   


1956 Home Vest

1956 brought the biggest change to the Reds uniform in 20 years.  In 1956 the Reds switched from the traditional short sleeve jersey to vests for both their home and road uniforms.  They wore  vests through the 1966 season, switching back to the short sleeve jersey in 1967.

At the left is the first vest, the 1956 home.

And pictured below is the 1956 road, which we love for the “Old Red” cartoon face on the left chest. Click the image to see a larger view.


1961 Road Vest 

In 1961, the Reds added navy braid around the vest sleeve holes.  The braid in this image to the left looks black, but from we can tell, we think it was actually navy.  Modeling below is Sammy Ellis who pitched for the Reds in 1962 and 1964 – 66.

1964 Home Vest

In 1964 the Reds added their names under the numbers on the back of the vest.  The image to the right is Ellis
again, this time from 1966.

So, any thoughts on these jerseys?  Let us know if you think we should bring any of these back.




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