It's Time To Pull-It With The Bullets

You know at Mitchell & Ness we love it when Hip Hop and sports collaborate. So we had to drop off this ridiculous video (h/t The Basketball Jones) of Naughty by Nature's Washington Bullets remix to "Hip Hop Hooray." We're not exactly sure what the rap trio from East Orange, New Jersey had to do with with the Bullets, but this piece of mid 90's awesomeness is a result.

The video came out for the '93-94 Bullets, an unmemorable team that finished the season with a 24-58 record. But how else were you going to hear a song with Michael Adams, Rex Chapman, and Tom Gugliotta getting shoutouts? Come for the mediocre basketball players, stay for the fantastic 90's dance moves and video editing.

The Bullets may be gone, but they are surely not forgotten. It's hard to believe 15 years ago the Bullets were re-named the Wizards. But Wizards owner Ted Leonsis has brought back the red, white and blue of the classic Bullets teams to the Wizards's jerseys. The Bullets still brought D.C. its only NBA Championship in 1978, on the backs of legends like Wes Unseld and Elvin Hayes.

Mitchell & Ness uses this moment in rap-sports overlap to pay tribute to the entire Bullets history. We have a variety of Bullets offerings, which you check out here. Here's a couple of our favorites:


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