1960 Pirates


Here are some stats from the 1960 World Series.

  • Team # 1 - 55 runs / Team # 2 - 27 runs
  • Team # 1  -.338 Batting Average / Team # 2 - .256 Batting Average
  • Team # 1 - 91 hits / Team # 2 - 60 hits
  • Team # 1 - 10 Home Runs / Team # 2 - 4 Home Runs

We're sure you can see where we're going here.  Common sense would be that team # 1 won the World Series.  But in the 1960 World Series, nothing was common.

The Yankees headed into the Series as the favorites.  The Pirates came out of nowhere to finish first in the NL with a 95 - 59 record.  The Yankees won the AL with a 97 - 57 record and were favored because of a few guys on their roster named Maris, Mantle and Berra.

The Series began on October 5 in Pittsburgh. In a back and forth game the home team took the win 6 - 4 thanks to a home run by Bill Mazeroski and pitching by ace Vern Law.

Game Two was a completely different affair with the Yankees doing what everyone thought they would do.  Final score: Yankees 16 - Pirates 3.

The Series moved to NY for game three but the result was similar to game two.  This time the Pirates couldn't even manage a single run, final score, Yankees 10 - Pirates 0.

The Pirates had their ace back on the mound for game four and Vern Law came through once again.  The Pirates scored 3 runs in the fifth and that was all they needed as they topped the Yankees 3 - 2.

Game five had the Pirates taking the lead in the second and holding on for a 5 - 2 victory.  The Series was headed back to Pittsburgh with the underdogs up 3 - 2.

The Yankees exploded for 12 runs in game six and shut out the Pirates once again, 12 - 0.  Time for game seven.

For game seven, let's go to the video.


Bill Mazeroski was the only player to end a World Series with a home run until Joe Carter did it in 1993.  But Mazeroski's is still the only one that was hit in a game seven.  Definitely one of the greatest moments in the history of the game.

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Just In...

Some new MLB flannels just arrived!  Check them out.







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Champions at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Like many World Champions before them, the NY Yankees went to the White House yesterday.

Is that Joba at the top?  Whoever it is, we love his expression.

On Sunday we came across this interesting article from the New York Times chronicling the history of Presidents and the World Champions they've hosted. 

If you have a few minutes take a look.  We learned a few things, including the fact that 2008's Westminster Champion beagle Uno made a White House visit.  Who knew?


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We See You, Keith Olbermann

Check out Keith Olbermann at Yankee Stadium in our 1927 Yankees jacket. 

Thanks to Martha Stewart for sending this out via twitter.


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Check out the latest addition to the Mitchell & Ness MLB collection. The MLB Outfield Windbreaker! Hope you like them! Let us know what you think!

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Philadelphia Philles MLB Outfield Windbreaker  New York Mets MLB Outfield Windbreaker

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