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Today is March 23rd and MLB Opening Day is April 4th.  Are we the only ones ridiculously excited about this?  We sure hope not.  To kick off the 2012 Season, the defending World Series Champions will visit the Miami Marlins in their brand-spanking new and highly anticipated stadium, Marlins Park.  The Marlins new home has been recently referred to as the “jewel of Miami”, claiming to completely change the baseball experience and entertainment as a whole. 

Most new stadiums are cool during the inaugural season…all vibrant and shiny with that new-park smell.  Most of the allure can tend to fade, though, when the “once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it” attitude sets in.  After doing a little research, we think Marlins Park might just in fact be different.  Here are some quick facts abou the new park:




*37,000 seat-capacity.  This is down from over 68,000 in the shared, multi-sport Sun Life Stadium.  This will definitely create a more intimate and exciting experience.

*Retractable roof.  The 8,000 ton metal roof panels can be moved together or individually to allow for partial opening/shading of the field.  *Aquarium Backstop. Yes, there will be aquariums behind home plate.  Maybe a little tacky, but awesome and we like it.

*Its green.  98% of all construction material is being recycled and the stadium will save approximately 6 million gallons of water per year will be saved by the use of waterless urinals. 


After reading through some of these details, I am sold on the idea of hopping a flight to Miami for a game (or two).  What do you think?    

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NBA All-Star '12

This upcoming Sunday is the 2012 NBA All-Star game in Orlando, FL. While the game isn't until Sunday, the weekend's festivities actually started yesterday at NBA All-Star Jam Session. Jam Session is just down the road from the Amway Center at the Orange County Convention Center. There are skills competitions for fans, free autograph signings and even a celebrity game. If you get a chance to attend Jam Session, make sure you stop by the Mitchell & Ness section at the NBA Shop.




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Celebrating Perfection

The Green Bay Packers have managed to remain undefeated through the first six weeks of the season.  Will they keep the streak going in Minnesota this week?  Based on the Vikings 1-5 record, it seems likely. 

Make sure you get geared up in time for the big game.  Go Pack.

 Check out the entire collection




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Exciting Plays

Anyone can argue that sports are always filled with action and exciting plays, however, some certainly stand out more than others to really grab our attention.  


So far this week, there have been two triple plays in as many days.  It might not be the most thrilling play to go down in live sports, but maybe one of the most difficult, as it must be executed flawlessly. Click the image below to check out the Brewers’ and Red Sox triple plays from earlier this week:

What do you think are the most exciting sports plays?  Here are a couple of our favorites:

 Inside the Park Homerun 

Kickoff Return for TD


Soccer Goal - Headball


What are your favorites?

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What Inspires Us...



Fashion trends come and go. Some of us may be in denial, but its true -- the fashions from the 1990s are back in style. Snapback hats, crazy color-blocked sportswear, windbreakers, jerseys and more.  Check out these iconic 90s looks that our designers use for old school inspiration. Dont pretend you never dressed like this.





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