2012 NBA Draft Awards


This morning the internet is ablaze with draft reviews--who got drafted too high, who was a steal, who is a star, who is a bust. But here at Mitchell & Ness, we're all about the style, the culture, and the fans. So let's kick off the 2012 NBA Draft Awards.

Best Dressed- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (2nd overall, Charlotte Bobcats)- Strong effort for the forward out of Kentucky with this suit. It was a surprise when the Bobcats pulled the trigger on MKG, but the wing out of Camden was classic with this joint.

Back to the Future Award- Terrence Ross (8th overall, Toronto Raptors) Ross went with the full-on Fonzworth Bentley look on this one, rocking the bowtie. We have to give it up to the Washington product for being the only guy bold enough to to forgo the straight tie. We like the look, and hopefully Ross brings some swag up north of the border.

Boldest Choice- Damian Lillard (6th overall, Portland Trail Blazers) This suit is LOUD. We can't tell if this dark beige on black suit is a style revolution or something straight out of the maître d' collection. Still, have to respect Lillard for going with the colors of the team that drafted him. Rose City is going to like the shooting (and style) of their new point guard.


Style Bust- Myers Leonard (11th overall, Portland Trail Blazers) Well, I guess you take the good with the bad here, Portland. This suit is a mess, throwing a picnic table shirt with a clashing tie.

Best Draft Portrait- Harrison Barnes (7th overall, Golden State Warriors) The Draft Portraits end up being a strange reflection on a player's personality. Do they want the serious face picture? Ball So Hard picture? Goofy picture? Well Barnes went with what I would call the "Dean's List" photo. You can just imagine Barnes in Chapel Hill, cardigan buttoned-up as he waits for a wine and cheese party. Fantastic.

Fan of the Night- Nets Kid

Never change Nets kid, never change.

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