A Good Night for Shaq

One of our favorite current NBAers is Shaquille O'Neal so we'd like to congratulate him on his membership to the 28,000 point club.  He became a member last night on his first basket of the game.  That's a pretty exclusive club. Congratulations Shaq!

The other players who have reached this milestone are:

Wilt Chamberlain - 31,419

Michael Jordan - 32, 928

Karl Malone - 36, 928

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - 38,387

Will anyone ever top Kareem?

We loved Shaq's comment after the game - "I've missed like 5,000 free throws," O'Neal said. "If I had at least hit half of those, then I would be at 30,000 right now."

Did you hear the other great quote from Shaq last night?  When asked if he thought his teammate LeBron James should participate in this year's Slam Dunk contest he said yes.  Then he said that LeBron should be joined by Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter in the contest and half of the winner's take should go to Haiti.  Works for us.



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