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Obviously, sports are an obsession around here; we love all aspects of every game.  Photography is a huge part of sports that tends to be overlooked these days with the latest video highlights and YouTube clips constanly at our fingertips. 

After thinking through this a little, we decided to dig into some of our archives to search for great shots that were taken in an age long before DSLRs and autofocus lenses existed.  One thing we noticed, was how frequently sequence shots were used.  In many cases throughout these magazines from the 1950s and 1960s plays were shown in a story-board format with a series of photos.  Check some out below.


From Complete Sports Baseball Power, 1961.  Mickey Mantle stolen base sequence.


From Complete Sports Baseball Power, 1961.  Roger Maris over-the-fence catch.


From Complete Sports Baseball Power, 1961.  Mickey Mantle chasing down and catching fly ball.


From Sports Review's Baseball, 1953.  Brooklyn Dodger Joe Black pitching during Game 1 of the 1952 World Series.


We also found this article by LIFE showcasing what they voted as the best baseball pcitures.  Check it out.

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