Baseball and Automobiles: American Icons

Todays's devasting news about the bankruptcy of General Motors got us thinking and talking about American icons and the places they hold in our lives today.  Of course this led us to baseball, an American icon if there ever was one.  Baseball and cars, doesn't get much more American than that.  MVP's get them as rewards, players endorse their local dealerships and you can hardly see an American car commercial without seeing a kid playing baseball.  The state of these two icons of Americana say a lot about us, where we are and who we are.  As we all struggle to understand and deal with the changes in the American automobile industry, long time fans of our nation's past time are struggling with their own issues.  Steroids destroying our heroes. Salaries that the average fan can't comprehend.  Ticket prices that make taking the family to the game almost impossible. 

Okay, this is starting to feel like a thesis so we'll get to the point.  Baseball and automobiles.  What do they mean to us?  What do they mean to each other? What is their history together?  Throughout the summer we hope to bring you some intersting articles and images from the past about these keystones of American identity. 

First up is an article from the October 20, 1912 issue of the New York TImes on the new found influence of cars on the game of baseball.



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6/1/2009 9:55:43 PM

This is awesome.

Ms. Charlie Hustle | Reply

6/4/2009 1:06:18 PM

great post!

S | Reply

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