Can Anyone Explain This?

Why, during Saturday's Fox Baseball Game of The Week, did we have to cut to the Padres - Dodgers game every time Manny Ramirez came to the plate?  Why is Fox giving so much attention to the return of someone who was suspended for violating the league's drug policy?  

It wasn't just Fox, it was the fans too.  It was shocking to see the welcome back signs and to see so many cheering his return.  Are we so desperate for heroes that we are ignoring the fact that he may be a cheater?  For the most part we booed, and continue to boo,  Barry Bonds and  Alex Rodriguez.  Is it different for Manny for some reason?

Again, wasn't he suspended for potentially cheating?   Are we mistaken?  Was he secretly working with disadvantaged kids or on a cure for cancer? 

Please let us know if you know someting that we don't know.


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7/6/2009 12:01:35 AM

Manny Ramirez is an asshole.

Ms. Charlie Hustle | Reply

7/6/2009 3:13:12 AM

I honestly believe most people are just tired of hearing about steroids in MLB. People are so tired of hearing about it that they probably just ignore it. I know for me personally, I am really sick of hearing about the famous list from 2003, and I find it interesting how certain names conveniently are getting "leaked" to the public while the rest are protected. That alone smells like a witch hunt. We cannot blame the PED problem on A-Rod or Manny and we certainly cannot blame the PED problem in sports on Major League Baseball. Steroids have always been a big problem in the NFL and amazingly, nobody really cares about that (I would guess because of the contact nature of that sport - we just accept it and look the other way). If everyone really cared about "cleaning up American sports" with the "PED problem," there would be an independent agency that managed all drug testing for all American sports across the board (similiar to the Olympics). Until that happens, I will just enjoy the show and accept the fact that all athletes are people. They are human and they make choices in their lives just like the rest of us. They are no better or worse than anyone else just because they are talented at playing a game.

LONROY | Reply

7/6/2009 11:52:11 AM

Manny was welcomed back so well because he tested positive for a substance in over the counter drug. Same as jc romero with the phillies. MLB does not know what they are doing...If u take advil does that make u a cheater and someone who uses roidS? Clearly Bud Selig need to get his mind right and pull out a list of hgh and let em know the deal. Manny been playing good his whole career even when he was an indian so well see what happen. he is the most dominant player in baseball today! This is coming from a Phillie Phan.

kashmoney | Reply

7/18/2009 5:24:28 PM

for me taking Medicine to enhance once performance is cheating, but maybe this guy are really good player only they are just pressured to perform more, that is why they needed to drink such substance.

cancer treatment | Reply

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