Caricature Tees

Caricatures are famous for exaggerating a person’s characteristics with mostly humorous (or insulting) results.  While this art form dates back to the 1700s, it is most modernly recognized as a souvenir at carnivals, boardwalks and ballparks.


Most of you, however, probably remember caricature tees from the 80’s & 90’s that showcased your favorite pro players.  There were awesome ones for Wayne Gretzky, John Elway, Scottie Pippen, Dominique Wilkins, and well, the list goes on.


Coming soon to, 1201 Chestnut and authorized retailers is the Mitchell & Ness Caricature Collection.  We are paying homage to this classic (and awesome) tee shirt concept with a collection of five NBA players.  Below is a quick peek, but keep checking back to see the others.  Mitchell & Ness Caricatures are skillfully hand-drawn and screen-printed onto team color and vintage grey heather tees.


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