Draft Facts 101

Did you know...

  • Territorial draft picks were in effect from 1947 - 65.  This meant that a team could forfeit it's first round pick and select a local player.  It was done to help teams establish a strong fan base.  The most successful example is Tom Heinsohn who was selected by the Boston Celtics in 1956.


  • 1985 was the first year of the draft lottery.  All teams that did not make the playoffs needed a lucky bounce of a ping pong ball for the rights to pick first.  The honors went to the Knicks in 1985, who selected Patrick Ewing.


  • Besides tonight, the Clippers have had the first pick twice in the last thirty years.  In 1988 they selected Danny Manning and in 1998 they selected Michael Olowokandi.


  • Notable undrafted players - Avery Johnson, John Starks, Darrell Armstrong, Bruce Bowen, Raja Bell

  • The only player out of the state of New Hampshire to be drafted is Matt Bonner.

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