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A couple of weeks ago a friend of ours told us about a great company called In Vintage We Trust.  They sell hand picked vintage garments on ebay.  Great stuff!  Since learning about them we've bought two old Mitchell &  Ness items to display in our retail store. 

First is an old basketball jersey from Bethel High School in Hampton, Virginia.  You know Bethel, it's where Allen Iverson went to high school.  This jersey definitely pre-dates Iverson.  It is believed to be from the 1960's.



Inside label


That was our first purchase.  Pretty cool, right?  Then we found out about this beautiful varsity jacket from Interboro High School.  Interboro is located in Prospect Park, PA., a suburb of Philadelphia.  It is the high school where Vince Papale, of Invincible fame,  was working when he had his tryout with the Philadelphia Eagles.  The folks at In Vintage have dated this jacket as being from the 1960's.




Back neck label

These items will be on display in our store soon so be sure to look for them.  Also be sure to check out  In Vintage We Trust, as you can see they've got some great stuff.

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