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It's easier for a credible, well-respected person or media outlet to deceive others based on established relationships and trust, rather than those known for silly antics and constant distruth. For example, you'd be more likely to believe a news story reported by CNN than the latest gossip-blog release (we hope). Having said that, when well-known journalist and sports-writer, George Plimpton teamed up with Sports Illustrated and the New York Mets to trick the masses on April 1, was easy.  When we decided to share this, we hit the Mitchell & Ness archives to pull out the very issue. 

Enjoy the photos and make sure to check out the full article in the Sports Illustrated Vault.


Plimpton's article, The Curious Case of Sidd Finch, was published in the April 1, 1985 issue of Sports Illustrated.  This article introduced the world to New York Mets pitching prospect, Sidd Finch.  Finch was a strange bird:  He wore a hiking boot on his right foot.  He was fluent in English, German and Sandskrit.   He was a skilled yoga-master.  He threw a 168 mph fastball.  Met's fans everywhere ate this up and flooded SI with requests for more details...the problem was this epic player existed only in the mind of author, Plimpton.


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