Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Rain…And Bring On The Ice

After Mitchell & Ness’ hometown of Philly got slammed with approximately 23” of snow this weekend, we thought it would be a perfect time to reminisce on some memorable moments in sports history when Mother Nature hit hard, yet some teams hit harder.

THE ICE BOWL: 1967 NFL Championship, Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys
This historic game was played at Lambeau Field on December 31, 1967. On that day, the temperature at game time registered a frigid 13 degrees below zero. However, that did not stop more than 50,000 parka-clad fans that were brave enough to withstand the elements on that New Year’s Eve. They watched in amazement as the Packers claimed their third consecutive NFL title, with a 21-17 victory.

THE 1979 MONSOON: Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City
A little rain never hurt anybody.  Hmmm…well, in this case,  it seems it hurt the Chiefs. 
On December 16, 1979, a monsoon like no other hits Tampa Bay.  A water-soaked field,  some die-hard drenched fans, and waterproof determination led the Bucs to defeat the Chiefs 3-0 on a 19 yard field goal.

And more recently, snow didn’t stop the Patriots on the October 18, 2009 game held at the frosty Gillette Stadium, in Foxboro, MA. The New England Patriots crushed the Tennessee Titans, 59-0.
Tom Brady set an NFL record with five touchdown passes in one quarter. Randy Moss caught eight passes for 129 yards and touchdowns of 40, 28 and 9 yards.
The 59-point margin matched the largest since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970, the Los Angeles Rams’ 59-0 win over the Atlanta Falcons in 1976.

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