Monday Morning NFL Trivia

Happy Monday. Here are some NFL trivia questions to start your week off right.

In 1994, which receiver became the NFL's all-time touchdown leader?

  • Jerry Rice



In what city was the first indoor NFL game?

  • Chicago. Due to severe winter weather in 1932, the Bears were forced to play indoors on a modified 80-year old field.


What was the first pro football team to have an emblem on their helmet?

  • LA Rams. Fred Gehrke, Rams' player and art major, painted horns on his team's leather helmets in 1948.


What quarterback in 1994 set two NFL records in one game with 45 pass completions in 70 attempts?

  • Drew Bledsoe set this record in a 26-20 overtime win over the Minnesota Vikings. 


Who was the first draft pick in Dallas Cowboys history?

  • Bob Lilly



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