Mystery Solved

Notice anything about the image above?  A dot maybe?  The origin and reason for this dot has been a mystery to us for awhile.  No one seemed to know why it was there.

Earlier this week, on our trip to the Hall of Fame, we were shown an original Sparky Anderson satin jacket.  See below.

There's that dot again.

So we asked the good folks at the Hall of Fame if they could help us and they said they'd see what they could find out.

The next day we got a call from our friends in Cooperstown and just like they promised, they had an answer for us.

In the 80's, a member of the Tigers organization would embroider the dot into that spot on the jacket as a way to differentiate a team issued jacket from one that was available at retail.  That's it, pretty simple.

Thanks Baseball Hall of Fame for solving this mystery.  We'll sleep better tonight.

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