NBA All Star Jerseys - Through The Years

With the NBA ready to celebrate their All Stars this weekend, we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite NBA All Star jerseys of the past. 


1951 - the first All Star Game

1952 - George Mikan

1958 - Paul Arizin


1963 - Bill Russell

In the 1970's the league started making the All Star jerseys in the style of the city that was hosting the event.


1972 - Los Angeles

1975 - Phoenix


1980 - Landover, MD


1981 saw the return of the red, white and blue star theme for All Star jerseys.

1982 - East

1987 - East


In the mid-90's the league went back to designs that were inspired by the site of the All Star Game.

1995 - Phoenix

1996 - San Antonio

In 1997 the All Stars wore their team uniform which included a commemorative All Star patch.  We defintiely prefer the All Star specific uniform to the patch.  The league went back to the All Star uniform in 2004.

Favorites anyone?



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