NBA Draft 2010

How did you feel about the draft last night?  Maybe a little let down?  Not by the picks, that pretty much played out like we figured it would.  We're talking about the fashion. 

No bowties

No white pants

No hats

No questionable color choices

Don't get us wrong, there are a few things to talk about (see Wesley Johnson's pants and Al Farouq-Aminu's glasses), but overall the 2010 draft class was pretty conservativeThe only real trend we saw was guys trying to match their tie and/or shirt to the colors of the team that they thought would draft them (see DeMarcus Cousins, Evan Turner.)

In case you missed it, here are the top ten picks with Commissioner Stern. 

John Wall - Wizards

Evan Turner - Sixers

Derrick Favors - Nets

Wesley Johnson - Timberwolves

DeMarcus Cousins - Kings

Ekpe Udoh - Warriors

Greg Monroe - Pistons

Al Farouq-Aminu - Clippers

Gordon Hayward - Jazz

Paul George - Pacers

Okay readers,  best dressed, worst dressed?  Let's hear it.

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