NFL Draft 101

Tomorrow night, at Radio City Music Hall, the NFL will hold it's anuual draft.  As we so often like to do, we are providing you with some random facts about the draft for you to share with your friends and family.

The first NFL Draft was held on February 8, 1936 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia.  The Eagles had the first pick and selected halfback Jay Berwanger out of the University of Chicago.  The Eagles traded Berwanger's rights to the Bears, but since professional football wasn't a very lucrative career at the time, Berwanger opted for a job in a Chicago rubber factory and never played professional football.  Side note, Berwanger was the first player to be awarded the Heisman Trophy.

Jay Berwanger

 Positions of all the # 1 draft picks since 1936 -
Quarterbacks - 30
Running Backs - 23
Defensive Linemen - 12
Offensive Linemen - 6
Wide Receivers - 6
Linebackers - 3
Defensive Backs - 1 (Gary Glick, selected by Pittsburgh in 1956).

Cities with the highest number of # 1 draft picks -
Chicago - 6 (Cardinals and Bears)
King Hill, Bob Fenimore, Charley Trippi, Tom Harmon, George Cafego, Ki Aldrich
Houston - 5 (Oilers and Texans) 
Mario Williams, David Carr, Earl Campbell, John Matuszak, Lawrence Elkins
Buffalo - 5
Bruce Smith, Tom Cousineau, Walt Patulski, O.J. Simpson, Ken Rice

Atlanta - 4
Michael Vick, Aundray Bruce, Steve Bartkowski, Tommy Nobis
Cleveland - 4
Courtney Brown, Tim Couch, Bobby Garrett, Corbett Davis
New England - 4
Drew Bledsoe, Irving Fryar, Kenneth Sims, Jim Plunkett
Tampa Bay - 4
Vinny Testaverde, Bo Jackson, Ricky Bell, Lee Roy Selmon
Detroit - 4
Matt Stafford, Billy Sims, Leon Hart, Frank Sinkwich


Colleges with the most # 1 draft picks -


Auburn - 5
Cam Newton, Aundray Bruce, Bo Jackson, Tucker Frederickson, Ken Rice


Notre Dame - 5
Walt Patulski, Paul Hornung, Leon Hart, Frank Dancewicz, Angelo Bertelli

USC - 5
Carson Palmer, Keyshawn Johnson, Ricky Bell, O.J. Simpson, Ron Yary


# 1 picks who never played for the team that drafted them  -
Eli Manning (2004) - Manning and his father Archie stated prior to the draft that he would not play for the San Diego Chargers, who held the first pick.  San Diego selected him first and traded him to the Giants.

Bo Jackson (1986)- Jackson was selected by the Buccaneers in the 1986 draft.  The Bucs did not want Bo playing baseball and gave him an ultimatum.  He ended up signing with the KC Royals.  He was able to re-enter the draft in 1987, where he was drafted by the Raiders in the 7th round.


John Elway (1983) - Elway was drafted by the Colts but refused to sign with them, forcing Baltimore to trade him to Denver.

Tom Cousineau (1979) - After being drafted by Buffalo, Cousineau was offered twice the money to play with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League.  He accepted their offer.

Randy Duncan (1959) - Like Cousineau, Duncan opted to play in the CFL instead of signing with the Packers.

Randy Duncan

Bobby Garrett (1954) - Garrett was drafted by Cleveland but traded to Green Bay before the start of the season.

Angelo Bertelli (1944) - Bertelli was drafted by the Boston Yanks while he was on active duty with the Marine Corps.  He served in the military for four years and signed with the LA Dons after fulfilling his military obligation.

Angelo Bertelli

Tom Harmon (1941) - The NFL Bears drafted Harmon, but he opted to play for the NY Americans of the AFL.

George Cafego (1940) - Cafego was drafted by the Chicago Cardinals, never played for them, opting instead to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL).

Sam Francis (1937) - Drafted by the Eagles, Francis was traded to the Bears prior to the start of the season.

Be sure to check out the draft on Thursday night to see what will be added to the lore of the NFL Draft.

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