On this Date in History: August 3, 1949 Basketball Merger

The Basketball Association of America was originally founded on June 6, 1946 with 11 teams-- Boston Celtics, Chicago Stags, Cleveland Rebels, Detroit Falcons, New York Knickerbockers, Philadelphia Warriors, Pittsburgh Ironmen, Providence Steamrollers, St.Louis Bombers, Toronto Huskies, Washington Capitols. The first game was played on November 1, 1946, where the New York Knickerbockers defeated the Toronto Huskies 68-69. On August 3, 1949, the BAA agreed to merge with the National Basketball League, forming the NBA. This new league had 17 franchises which were located in various large and small cities. A year later the teams were reduced to 11 franchises. By 1954, the NBA was reduced to only eight franchises -- all of them are still in the league today. Do you know who they are?.... Knicks, Celtics, Warriors, Lakers, Royals/Kings, Pistons, Hawks and Nationals/76ers. In 1976, the NBA absorbed 4 teams from the struggling ABA. Philadelphia Warriors, 1956 NBA Champions

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